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5 Books Recommendation For Streaming Platform, One Should Read

5 Books Recommendation For Streaming Platform, One Should Read

As the internet is fast-moving, the subscription model growing up. Many of us believed that the streaming platform is the future. These types of platforms offer the best content at a budget-friendly price. So, people attract very much to the subscription model-based streaming platform industry. 

But do you say what about the subscription-based book industry? 

 Ebook is one of the trending topics of recent times. If you are a book lover and you did not read a single subscription-based book, then you missing something. You have to read an e-book for at least weeks in a year

Streaming offerings for audiobooks and e-books have grown unexpectedly in current years in lots of ee-e book markets throughout the globe. This ongoing shift in how books are fed on is remodeling studying and publishing , however additionally the opportunities for reading studying and publishing. As Karl Berglund and Ann Steiner have argued, virtual techniques constitute “a important replace of the ee-e book records toolbox in reading ee-e book consumption.

Is E-Book Worth It?

This is the question mostly raised in the mind of the reader. I think this question has to be a diplomatic answer. It is you, depending on whether the e-book is worth it or not. Ask these questions to own. And you will find answers to your question.

  1. How much time do you spend reading books?
  2. How many books do you read in one month?
  3. Which genres do you prefer in the book?

E-books are monthly rent basis. If you read a handsome amount of books, you can surely profit from e-books. 

But if you rarely read a book, you will not digest the amount of e-books. And if you read nameless genres books, you will not find something interesting. Moreover, you should go to the local library and read some books. And try to habituate with books at first then try e-books.

Here is our list of 6 E-Books


In most recent times Scribd is a top-rated E-Book in the industry. It was originally launched for publishing academic papers. In 2013 Scribd offers monthly subscription fees for access. In exchange for that Scribd offers magazines, newspapers, and audiobooks also Scribd’s massive collection. 

It charges $10 per month and gives you access to unlimited reading. It is available on android, iOS, Kindle Fire, Web, and Nook Devices.

Kindle Unlimited- 

Kindle Unlimited is the largest platform for e-books at a moderate price. It offers free unlimited audiobooks and audible narration. One can also swap between e-books and audiobooks. Besides, it also provides the latest popular magazine. 

Kindle also charges $10 per month and access to unlimited books. It is available on the web, windows, mac, android, iOS, and almost all parts of the world.


Bookmate is a top subscription-based ook reading app. It was usually very popular in Russia and commonwealth states. Now it spread to Scandinavia, Indonesia, and Latin America.

Bookmate offers $10 per month and is available on Android, Mac, iOS, and windows.


  24symbols is the only platform on our list which gives discounts on annual subscriptions. Essentially it will give you value for money. Besides, this site has an expensive collection of fiction and non-fiction books. 

24symbols offers $10 per month or $90 per year. It is also available on Android, iOS, WEB, Kindle Fire and BlackBerry.

ComiXology Unlimited-

Comixology is the best part of comics. And if you love to read comic books then this particular platform is only for you. In 2014, Amazon bys this platform, and therefore it growing up. On this platform, you will get comics from DC, Marvel, and many more. 

ComiXology Unlimited has monthly subscription fees of $6. It is also available on the Web, iOS, Kindle Fire, and Android. But at the time of my writing, Comixology Unlimited has only access in America.


If you love reading and want to go digital you are always welcome. Streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon, and some apps rule the streaming platform. Here also Scribd, Kindle, and Bookmate are ruling. Scribd is overall the best option. Or you can say, specialization in animation in the streaming platform is 9anime app and in the e-book industry, you got ComiXology as comics e-book. All these service providers have some pros and cons. You have to decide what is best for you.


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