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5 Reasons To Consider Kentico As Your Next CMS

Do you want a reliable, effective, and efficient CMS for your online business? Today the market is flooded with numerous CMS systems; however, you must consider a few factors before choosing one. You need to consider the reviews, marketing tools, usability, features, etc. Your website is one of the most critical marketing assets essential for your brand’s success. 

Are you planning to choose Kentico CMS? Let’s learn more about the functionalities of Kentico. 

Did you know Kentico is scalable and highly customizable? When choosing a new CMS, selecting one that helps you grow your business is critical! With Kentico’s open API, one can achieve advanced integration and scalability. It is on Microsoft’s .Net platform, which ensures your business requirements never outgrow the platform. It is a highly customizable solution that can adapt to any customization and suit your specific content requirements. 

You can make multiple upgrades using its custom modules. Kentico is known as the all-in-one marketing platform because it allows complete integration of online marketing tools, which can help you enhance your digital strategy. Kentico enables content personalization, Marketing automation, Integrated campaign management, A/B, MVT Testing, etc. 

Kentico also features a 7-day bug fixing policy; therefore, you can fix bugs within seven business days. You can also speak to their support engineers, who have first-hand development knowledge of the solution. Overall, Kentico provides a robust framework that allows you to deliver and build a website as fast as possible. 

Kentico was launched in 2004 by Peter Palas as a CMS for ASP.NET 1.0. Soon after the success of its first version, Kentico CMS 2.0 came in that allowed developers to curate personalized websites. In 2008, it became a Microsoft certified member. In the next four years, Kentico saw a massive rise in its adoption. Nearly 12000 websites were using Kentico across 135+ countries. In 2013, Kentico won the best Content Management System award at Penton Media’s Annual Development Professional awards! 

Developers saw a new cloud platform coming from Kentico named Kentico Cloud in 2016. In 2018, Kentico released version 12.0, a highly stable CMS. In 2020, Kentico changed its name to Kentico Xperience. The growth Kentico has seen over the years is pretty evident. But, what is so unique about it? What makes it a better option when compared to other Content Management systems? Here are the 5 Reasons To Consider Kentico As Your Next CMS!

5 Reasons To Consider Kentico As Your Next CMS 

All In One Digital Marketing Tools

From integrating email marketing to implementing SEO, Kentico offers comprehensive marketing tools that can help you market your products and services. These marketing tools are user-friendly, and one can utilize them for effective Marketing automation, A/B Testing, implementing Integrated Campaign Management, Lead Scoring, etc. 

It is easy to use

A high-performing website is useless if your business cannot leverage its functionalities due to its complexity. Many industry-leading experts consider Kentico CMS one of the most reliable and manageable CMS systems. Any individual with hands-on experience using the Internet can easily use the CMS system. One can add insightful content, quickly update content pages, and develop feature-rich websites. Does Kentico provide user guides to help new users? Yes! Kentico offers an administration system containing relevant tips and descriptions for users for each process. You can also get quick video tutorials, informative guides, and forums for step-by-step clarity. All these resources are readily available on their website. Smooth usability can help businesses boost their efficiency and quickly update their system.

Seamless Content Workflow Management

Today mobile users make a massive chunk of the total website traffic originating from different devices. Therefore, businesses cannot overlook the importance of a mobile-friendly website. Their website should operate seamlessly for mobile and desktop users. Kentico offers a Seamless Content Workflow Management that allows you to leverage built-in design features. You can build a responsive web experience for users across all devices using these features. When your website loads quickly on all devices, it’ll allow you to deliver an exceptional customer experience. You can also leverage Kentico’s content management tools to help you seamlessly develop and publish material. Your team members can modify or edit the content from a remote location using their smartphones. They can publish, revise, and archive content at each stage!

Simplified Personalization 

Unlike other CMS tools, Kentico offers extensive customizability and can adapt to your organization’s needs. Kentico can provide your business with personalized applications and help you customize your users’ roles and permissions. Among the top “5 reasons to consider Kentico as your next CMS,” simplified personalization is one such reason that makes Kentico the most feasible CMS. You can curate and publish custom and unique content with extensive personalization and highlight your business’s objectives.

Kentico Is Secured

Keeping your systems secured might be among the top priorities of your business. Kentico offers unique security models that help you build and compose granular access permissions for diverse applications that can uplift your organization’s security standards. Such extended security features allow you to leverage regular server auditing, making Kentico a safe and reliable Content Management System.


Kentico CMS is a very reliable CMS, perfect for modern websites as it provides you with diverse functionalities and helps you build an engaging website. Do you want to know how Kentico CMS tools can best suit your website requirements? Feel free to reach out to Exemplify! We help ambitious businesses build scalable websites at incredible pricing. Get in touch today!

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