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All Things to Know About Bobble Heads

All Things to Know About Bobble Heads

An introduction to bobble heads

When you talk about bobble heads then you will see that they are funny looking dolls that have a big head and a small body. These dolls depict the personality of famous persons like politicians, actors and musicians to entertain your kids. You can keep or install these dolls in your sitting room. Plus you can also hang these funny look dolls in your car so that your kids might feel entertained with them well. In most cases bobble heads are available in the gift or toy shop. Just come here and choose and buy your favorite piece. You can also make these bobble heads customized by changing their shape and color shades.

The features of bobbleheads

After you look at these dolls then you will see that their makeover is very much interesting. Their body is made with soft velvet plus they are also having a hook to hang them well wherever needed. Mostly all bobble heads have attractive color shades and they can be customized in their shapes and designs. When you order a fresh bobblehead doll then you will see that its cost price might be within $USD 50. The time to make these dolls might be at least 7 weeks. After this these dolls will be sent to your address within 15 days.

Give a unique wedding gift to your friends

Even when any of your friends or relatives is getting married then wedding bobbleheads will be the best option to give them as a unique gift. Here you can place an order to the makers of these dolls. Just give the photo of the couples who are getting wedded. Then the maker of bobbleheads will make a doll that will have the exact faces of the couples that are getting married. Here you can also give your opinion about what should be the color shades, shapes and designs of these bobbleheads in the long run. You can give your valuable advice to the manufacturers of these dolls so that you may get a unique gift that could be presented to your friend who is getting married.

In 2016, there were many terrific MLB bobble head giveaways that focus on team mascots to legendary Dodgers broadcast Vin Scully. Both major league and minor league baseball heavily use bobble head doll promotions to drive attendance. For 2017, MLB teams plan no let down in the size and scope of bobble heads. Teams from the Mets with their Noah Syndergaard Thor themed bobble head to the Angels with three different Mike Trout bobble heads throughout the season aren’t letting up with promotions throughout the league each and every week.

Bobbleheads to please wedding people

When you are seeking a thoughtful and creative wedding gift then wedding bobbleheads will be a nice option. You might see that when you order such kind of gifts to be made then it might take a time of couple of weeks. Even you can get them customized that you like. With such gifts you can give a long lasting impression to your friend who is getting married. Moreover you have to make your friend or dear ones pleased with a gift that appears unique. Thus we recommend you to choose and buy bobbleheads and present them to those who are getting wedded.

Bobble head dolls hit a new peak in the early to mid 00’s as licensed, animal, and sports bobble heads raged. Our company, PopCultureSpot.com, began stocking bobble head dolls in late 1998 and have remained a primary retailer of the products ever since. Amongst the most popular bobble head dolls of the past decade, we carried the now out of production Osbournes Bobble Head Dolls, which were of the then top-rated MTV reality television show based on the family of famous singer and former Black Sabbath front man, Ozzy Osbourne. These bobble heads were amongst a new trend, they incorporated a solid plastic mold and the ability for the bobble head to speak by pressing a button.

Bobble head dolls have remained popular since their reintroduction into pop culture in the late 90s, but over-saturation of the market by some companies have led to the lowering of pricing of older, collectible bobble head dolls. The most popular current styles of bobbleheads are made of solid, durable plastic, poly-resin, and flocked. The flocked style bobble head incorporates a plastic shell covered with a fuzz like flocked layer on the outer shell.

The final conclusion

Finally our conclusion is that when you choose bobble heads for decorating your sitting room or car then it will pay you well. These items can also be given as a unique gift during occasions like weddings etc.


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