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An Ultimate Guide on How to Get Natural Glass Skin

natural glass skin

You would have supple and healthy-looking skin if it were up to you. That type of skin is what is known as glass skin. The idea originated from Korea, a trend to have luminous, smooth, and highly hydrated skin that looks like a glass pane. But the truth is it’s not something you can achieve overnight. So if you want to try it, it’s time to start; here’s a guide to help you.

Products you need to achieve the look.

Steps to follow to achieve the look

Double cleansing is a tried and true method to getting glass skin. It means you cleanse twice – first, with an oil-based cleansing product such as a cleasing oil or balm to remove make up and unclog pores. Then, follow with a gentle water-based product like foam or gel cleanser to wash off the residue. 

You need to get rid of the dead skin cells and blackheads. That’s why exfoliation is essential. However, if your skin is sensitive, don’t exfoliate more than two times a week. Also, try a gentle chemical exfoliator.

Using a toners will helps adjust the pH of your skin. This allows the next step in your collagen-stimulating skincare routine to assimilate better into your skin. However, staying clear of alcohol or hazel-based toners is advisable as they dry out your skin. Instead, use a pH balanced toner that is mild and soothing. 

Incorporate a thin water-based product that increases moisture to the skin, such as an essence. It helps improve moisture retention in the skin, aiding in better product absorption. Besides moisturizing the skin, it also provides a natural glow. 

A serum or hydrating facial oil is vital to achieving a natural look through any glass skin routine. You need to get one that’s lightweight but has lots of antioxidants. It will help protect your skin from free radicals that result in aging signs. You can choose serums that contain hyaluronic acid or vitamins. Alternatively, you can also go for a plant-based face oil. The beauty of this herb-based is that they are light and absorb quickly on your skin without causing breakouts.

The best moisturizer is one that will give you instant skin hydration and a long-lasting skin barrier protection. For example, 2HOBA Repair Balm leaves you with smooth and supple skin, leaving you with the most radiant glow that not only looks gorgeous but also feels comfortable. This moisturizer melts into your skin faster, giving you a glow without leaving a heavy or sticky feel.

Sunscreen is a must in achieving a glass-like natural look. It’s also important to reapply sunscreen throughout the day, especially if you are using SPF below 30. Without sunscreen, there is almost no point in using skincare products that prevent rapid aging, hyperpigmentation, and discoloration. 

Lastly, enhance your self-care day with putting on a mask that works for your skin type. Whether your choice is to go for a hydrating mask or a detox mask is up to your skin type. If you have oily and acne prone skin, using a soothing clay mask like the HMB Rescue Mask is a great option. It clears and purifies clogged pores without stripping the skin. If you leave your pores clogged without a regular cleansing and detox, they can become acne breakouts and even worse, become infected. Prevent breakouts and scars with a nourishing clay mask to achieve the perfect base for the glass skin. If you have dry skin, you can use sheet masks to boost hydration and give the skin an instant glow. Also, you can use products with honey to moisturize and calm inflammation.

Clear skin is something everyone wants. Follow a solid skincare routine consistently to achieve and maintain the glass-like natural glow.

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