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Buying a Moissanite Engagement Ring: Will she be disappointed?

moissanite engagement ring

Gifting the woman of your dreams with a quality piece of jewelry is guaranteed to bring a smile to her face. But, the first time she sees her engagement ring, it’s a whole different story, since the feeling will be remembered for life. Every time she looks at it, it will bring back warm memories of your engagement.

An engagement ring is a piece of jewelry that transcends material boundaries because its importance and meaning are much, much deeper.

This type of ring was not chosen by chance but as a piece of jewelry that promises love, belonging, and eternal fidelity. If you observe the shape of the ring, you will notice its symbolism. Since ancient times, in many cultures, the circle referred to continuity, something that lasts, that which we do not see the beginning, nor end of. It symbolizes the origin to which everything returns, constantly moving. So, the circle calls for action, and the engagement itself is the moment when a man acts and invites his partner to a joint journey through life. Isn’t that powerful?

In addition to the shape, the material from which the ring is made, also carries symbolic value.  Throughout history, they have been made of durable materials to further emphasize the union will be lasting, difficult to break, as we say – till death do us part. For this very reason, engagement rings are most often made of gold, which also carries an important symbolic message.  It is a material that has excellent chemical stability, which makes it extremely resistant, just the kind of marriage we want, which we start planning at the moment of giving the engagement ring. The same goes for the stone choice. The unwritten tradition is to choose rings with diamonds, or moissanite rings.

Likewise, the finger on which the engagement ring is worn is symbolic. The ring is usually placed on the fourth finger (the ring finger) of the hand because it contains the vena amoris, i.e. that vein that leads to the heart.

An engagement ring is not given for today or tomorrow, but giving it away is an intimate act full of symbolic meaning that indicates timelessness and indissolubleness. This is why many of you planning to propose are wondering if the woman of your dreams will be disappointed if she receives something that’s not a diamond. An alternative most go for today are moissanite rings, or man-made diamonds. If you take a closer look at its features, you’ll learn that the differences between these two are very few. The biggest one is in how it was made. Natural diamonds have, of course, been formed by natural processes in the earth’s crust, and have traveled hundreds of years to the surface. While on the other hand, moissanite has been cultivated inside a controlled laboratory environment. As a result, a pure diamond is formed, in a matter of months. So, chances are very little that your significant other will be disappointed.

But, just in case, we have decided to share with you some of the wonderful benefits of moissanite…

It is said that compared to diamonds, these stones come with a lot more shine. Similar to diamonds, the larger the stone, the more fire, sparkle, and color it will reflect into the eye of the beholder. On the scale of the index of refraction of light, diamond carries a grade of 2.4, while Moissanite has a refractive index of 2.7, which gives it even greater brilliance, and fire.

Because of this feature, which is better than that of the Diamond, this stone bears the globally recognized name – “The World’s Most Brilliant Gem”. In addition to the listed visual similarities, it is also similar to a diamond in terms of hardness. While Diamond carries a rating of 10 on the scale of mineral hardness, Moissanite proudly carries a 9.5. This means that hardly anything in the nature that surrounds it can damage it in the form of surface scratches, except for the Diamond itself. This means that it is safe for long-term wear, and will not succumb to the “ravages of time”, so she will be able to proudly pass it down from generation to generation, in a beautiful ring. As far as till death do us part goes, it will outlive two of you, and serve the purpose in the next generations you create.

Last but not least, Moissanite is a sustainable option, unlike the classic exploitation of other precious stones, in inhumane conditions. With all this, it comes at a much more affordable price. What is an incredible fact is that even top gemologists cannot easily determine the difference between a diamond and a moissanite. The difference is possible to establish with certain specialized tools, but through observation with the eye and a magnifying glass, as is normally possible with other precious stones, these two are difficult to distinguish. This goes in favor of Moissanite which just confirms that it is a more than worthy alternative to Diamond, in every way possible.

But most of all, when you wear an engagement ring with such a stone, you are actually contributing to a brighter future for all generations to come.

Moissanite is an ethical stone, backed by scientists, decades of work, and the rapid development of new technologies, which have led to the perfect alternative to Diamond, and which guarantee conflict-free stones, lovingly incorporated into the jewelry you wear, without any harm to society, or natural environment. What more do you want your significant other to wear as your promise to eternally love and cherish her?

After reading all this, the question of whether or not she will be disappointed is redundant. Moreover, if you make sure she understands the whole story behind these stones, she will be more than proud to be wearing one on her engagement ring.

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