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Climbing Aconcagua

Climbing Aconcagua

 What are the best routes for climbing Aconcagua?

You have come to the right place to know the best routes for climbing Aconcagua quickly and safely. Aconcagua is only around 1200 meters or 3,000 feet less than the world’s highest mountains, the Himalayas. Hence it can be the precursor to climbing the Himalayas, as only a few people have done it so far in history. But to climb Aconcagua, it is essential to know the right route among the 33 known routes that are both challenging and safe.  Though the best route is the normal route from the north to the west to climb safely and quickly, there are others.  The south and south-west routes like the Polish Glacier traverse and the Polish glacier route are tough and need the help of the best Aconcagua expedition services. 

So, check out a few best routes for climbing Aconcagua with no issues to reach the zenith 23,000 feet above the Pacific Ocean to view all of America.

The best routes for climbing Aconcagua

As per the old quote, “All roads lead to Rome,” all routes lead to Aconcagua for those passionate about mountaineering and adventure.  It is because of one of the highest non-technical mountains worldwide. From starters to seasoned climbers, to reach the peak with no issues. All routes, including the normal route, have at least 10,000 vertical ascents, which makes it a tough task.  Also, the low oxygen levels with the increasing altitude o make it challenging to climb Aconcagua.  The following are the few routes for climbing Aconcagua to make the challenges into opportunities for enjoying and exciting every step to reach the peak.  

The normal northwest route for climbing Aconcagua

The shortest and safest route to climb Aconcagua is the normal northwest route most climbers take to reach the peak.  The first one to climb Aconcagua on this route was Matthias Zurbriggen in 1897.  For over 125 years, thousands have done it safely for others to do it in the future. It is also the most popular route to the highest trekking peak in the world.   There are many itineraries for the normal route, to need 12 to 18 days to reach its peak.  And also, its starting place differs from the Mendoza City, lower Horcones Valley and others to have many camps. 

The Polish Glacier traverse route for climbing Aconcagua

The Polish Glacier Traverse, also known as “Falso de los Polacos,” needs 20% more distance to reach the peak than the normal route.  So, it takes more days and moderate climbing experience with little technical help like ice axes.  But it provides spectacular views of the mountains and the five rivers to reach 1000 feet of the normal route to reach the peak. 

The Polish Glacier or direct route for climbing Aconcagua

The Polish Glacier, or direct route, is the toughest route to climb Aconcagua, suitable only for seasoned climbers. It takes 18 to 20+ days to reach this route’s peak as there is a mandatory need for ice axes, ropes, and other equipment. 

Contact the executive of the best Aconcagua expedition services for climbing Aconcagua through the best route suitable for you without any issues.  

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