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Confused about Kratom Strains? We Give a Lowdown Here

Kratom is a plant-based extract that is consumed in many forms for its medicinal properties and curative actions. You may be advised to head to a “Kratom shop near me” to pick up supplements if you are struggling with chronic pain and anxiety issues. Kratom works well in managing social anxiety. You can also consume Kratom for recovery from chronic illnesses too. It is often used as a “wellness supplement”. 

Before you can buy a product like Green Malay Kratom capsules, for instance, you will need to understand the meaning of these different colors. What do these connotations mean? How is one different from the other? These colors are representative of the different strains of Kratom. Here are some facts. 

Kratom Strains and Their Colors

The difference in colors is attributed to the age of the plant. The manner in which the leaves are processed or dried can also impact the color of the leaves. The age of the leaves when it is harvested is another determining factor. A young plant is known as white vein Kratom, when the plant is in its early days of maturing it is green vein Kratom. Red vein Kratom is where the plant is fully matured. With the different stages of the life cycle, alkaloids build within the leaves. The level of alkaloids determines the impact of Kratom and also lends unique properties to the veins. 

Exposure to light is another factor on which the final color of the Kratom leaves depends. Now that you know more about the color distinctions of Kratom leaves, understanding the product nomenclature is better. Let us now look at the distinctive qualities of each strain so that you can have a better idea of which one to pick up for catering to your needs. 

Red/ Green/ White – Which one Should you Pick? 

Whereas white strains provide impacts that are uplifting, energizing, and focusing green veins bring on euphoria, chattiness, and positivity. Red veins tend to be mildly relaxing, sedating, and pleasant.  Within every vein, there are many strains available. Some examples include White Sumatra, White Borneo, White Thai, White Maeng Da, and so on. The nomenclature also depends on the place of origin of the plant. So next time you plan to purchase Kratom in Tennessee from a shop of repute, you will know which one to pick up. 

Some Important Facts to Note 

Kratom compounds may be exceptionally beneficial to general health, however, not much research has been done to back safety claims. Most of the facts available are anecdotal. When you consume Kratom supplements, you should know that they are not approved by FDA. You should therefore seek advice from your medical practitioner and also learn about the preferred dosages before starting on any supplement. If there is a pre-existing health condition, you need to discuss the same with your doctor before you can start with any kind of supplement. 

You can choose supplements from a wide variety of options including, gummies, Kratom powder,  Kratom softgels, and much more. 

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