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Everything You Need to Know About New Instagram Updates

Everything You Need to Know About New Instagram Updates

Even during these unprecedented times, Instagram never stops surprising its users.

The entire world is going through tough economic times and it’s is great to see how Instagram is rapidly working on developing new and exciting features and that can help local and small businesses achieve milestones.

As Instagram has introduced several features in the year 2020, it’s hard for business owners to keep up with what’s new on Instagram.

If you are also one of those people who find it challenging to stay updated with the latest Instagram features and utilize them for your business, then this article is for you!

We have compiled a list of Instagram features that you may find helpful for your business. So, let’s take a look!

Access to Instagram Shopping

Instagram recently made an announcement that there will be some change in commerce eligibility requirements which will let different types of businesses have access to Instagram Shopping.

This is something that is likely to greatly benefits content creators (also known as influencers). If you are wondering how, then you need to know that businesses and influencers can connect with shoppers effectively. Not only that, more in-app sales is likely to take place. 

All business owners should remember that Instagram will only tag products you sell from a single website that you own. This is a great initiative to avert Instagram users from selling products they don’t own.

It would not be wrong to say that Instagram is providing massive lucrative opportunity for e-commerce businesses out there. Even if you have a small business, you can benefit from the apps e-commerce features.

Anti-Bullying Account Restrictions

Are you tired of dealing with bullies on your Instagram post? If yes, then know that you can rely on Instagram’s a new feature known as ‘Restrict’ to get away from bullies. This feature will let you block unwanted comments from people who may bully you or spread hate through your platform.

It is not like blocking someone from your account. Even if they manage to leave negative or hate comments on your posts, no one would be able to see it except for them.

Instagram allows its users to reveal the comment of their choice. If you use the option of “restricted comment”, they can’t be seen by anyone but you. This way, you will never be affected by that person’s hate or negativity!

To utilize this feature, all you have to do is find a mean comment that a person has already left on your post, swipe left on that comment, and then choose the ‘!’ icon, and lastly, choose “restrict [username]”.

This is the right way to deal with offenders. When you know that you have turned the restricted mode on for bullies, you would be able to have your daily dose of entertainment with WOW TV packages without a single worry in the world.

Age Restrictions

Do you have an Instagram business account and want to limit the number of people that can access your account? If yes, we have good news for you: Instagram now gives its users an opportunity to set an age restriction for their accounts. You can use this new Instagram update if you don’t want someone other than your target audience to access your account.

Also, if you consider that you have an account where you usually post the kind of content that is not suitable for specific ages, then it is a good idea to utilize this feature. However, Instagram ensures to remove those posts that contain violence, racist remarks, etc.

If you are wondering how you can add this setting to your account, here is what you need to do:

First and foremost, you need to visit your profile, you will find the hamburger icon on the top right, once you see that icon, click it. Then select the option ‘settings’, ‘business’, and lastly ‘minimum age’. You can use this option to specify the default age of people who can access your account. Even from here, you will get the option to set ages based on location.

Access to Arrow Pen in Instagram Stories

You may already have heard the news or this change may have happened to your Instagram account. Instagram has introduced the feature of arrow pen for stories.

As a content creator or an influencer, you must find yourself looking for ways to get followers to take certain action within your stories. Now that this arrow feature has been introduced, you can easily draw arrows to put emphasis on something.

For instance, when you draw an arrow that points up from the bottom of your screen, your followers will be encouraged to swipe up. And if you draw an arrow that points to your profile picture, they will end up visiting your profile. So, if you want to keep your audience engaged at all times, then you must make the most of this newly-introduced feature.


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