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Few Practical Tips to Help You Choose the Best E-Commerce Platforms

Few Practical Tips to Help You Choose the Best E-Commerce Platforms

After the internet and social media came into action, people’s lives have changed quite a lot. Earlier people used to go to the shop or visit the mall for shopping. But now, they order from their mobile or laptop with the help of e-commerce websites. The majority of the people these days do lead a busy life. And after a tiring day, they do not feel like visiting the shop or the mall to buy anything. Now, what happens is that they do face issues when it comes to which e-commerce website will be best for you.

Some of the e-commerce companies will not ask for a delivery charge no matter the price of the product. And some of the eCommerce companies will charge you much less than the actual price of the product. After comparing and analyzing all the points, you will have to decide that from which company you will buy your products.  

For example, software engineering assignments help the students get to know about several things. In the same way, before placing an order, you will have to check other websites, and thus you will be able to get the real benefits and gain real insights into the product. Let’s discuss a few practical tips which will help online shoppers to choose the best e-commerce website for their daily use.


The first thing which customers do see while buying a product is the amount they will have to pay in exchange for the product. So before people choose one eCommerce site, they need to check the price of the same product on different eCommerce websites. For example, the price of a shirt of your favorite brand is Rs 800 on Amazon, and the delivery is free, but in Myntra, the same shirt is priced at Rs 690, but they are charging Rs 150 as a delivery charge. In that case, you will have to come to a decision from which site you are going to buy the product. You need to take your time, and after that, you need to make the right decision.

Time taking

Before choosing the right eCommerce for yourself, you first need to check how much time each of the eCommerce sites is actually taking to deliver your product. For example, Amazon is delivering your favorite t-shirt in two days, but the price is high, and on the other hand, Myntra is delivering in three days the price is lower than Amazon. In such cases, you need to sit and think thoroughly.

Time is important for people, and keeping that in mind, Amazon did come up with something unique. If you are a prime member of Amazon, then you will get additional discounts, and also your package will get delivered within one day. Amazon came up with this strategy as a token of thanks to its prime members. With this service, they are trying to show that they value their prime members. So, before you choose the e-commerce website and order your product, you need to first show the time to one company to deliver your products in the right way.

SEO friendly

Has it ever happened that you didn’t know the name of the eCommerce website, but you got to see the website on Google’s search results page. And now that same eCommerce company is your favorite. Well, that has happened due to SEO. The eCommerce from which you are going to buy the products needs to be SEO friendly. In that way, you will be able to find the website easily, even if you forgot the name of the website or even if you are unable to find out the URL of the eCommerce site.

Mobile application

It may happen that the last five products which you have bought must be through shopping apps. Now what happens is that people are always not in front of their laptops. So, people download the app, and then they place the order from their phone easily. The e-commerce site from which you are going to buy must have a phone application. So that with the help of it you will be able to place the order easily. You will be able to place the order anytime, anywhere.


Most of the eCommerce sites are out there that are only accepting online payments, and they are refusing to accept payments due to the COVID protocols. Now the problem is that several people are out there who only use cash. And due to this payment option, they are unable to do type shopping. So before choosing the right eCommerce platform for yourself, make sure that they are accepting payments in several forms and not just only in one.


As a customer, you will focus on two things the most while placing orders through an eCommerce website. You will see how often they are giving offers and the quality of the products they are providing. On the basis of these two things, it will be easy for the customers to choose the best brands for them.


You need to check what the range of products they are offering you their customers. Because as a customer you will need all kinds of products. This is another important point which you need to consider while you place the product.

Final thoughts

From these six points, it can thus be said that these are the best tips that will help the customers to choose their best eCommerce site. Now another thing is that these tips may vary from person to person and what they are buying. Some eCommerce sites are the best of clothing, whereas some are famous for their electronics. So as a customer, you need to choose the eCommerce site, which offers a lot of variety in their product range. Before choosing one eCommerce, first, check all the major sites, and then you will be able to set for the best.


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