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Hack Android phone with androrat app

Hack Android phone with androrat app

Download androrat phone hacking program, AndroRat phone hacking software, Android phone hacking, free Android download, hacking and tracking programs

Download the androrat app

If you have followed our previous content in an article titled Hack Android,

We have listed software for hacking Android phones.

One of these programs, compared to the others, AndroRat software

Hacking and hacking software are more popular.

This app can build an Android rat and perform several additional operations.

Install on the victim’s cell phone and attempt to steal its information.

In the following, we have provided a brief tutorial on working with this program for those interested in security issues.

Through this, you can learn how to work with AndroRat software.

Training to work with AndroRat software

First of all, we must first point out that such training is only for training

How hacking programs work on the site so that those interested in discussing security can use it

From it to the vulnerabilities in the Android operating system

Find out and take action to eliminate these vulnerabilities.

In the first step, we need a place on the Internet to get the information

Send it from AndroRat software.

For this purpose, we first enter the noip.com site and create a Host with the desired name.

Download androrat phone hacking program, AndroRat phone hacking software, Android phone hacking, free Android download, hacking and tracking programs

Now we need to perform the port transfer operation. The port transfer operation is performed separately for each modem.

So to perform the port transfer, searching for your modem type in Google is better.

And then find out how to transfer the port on it.

Now AndroRat Blinder software  and then in the Hostname section

Enter the name of the host you created and the port name in the Port field.

Now select a name for the file and click Go.

(If you want to present the file you created in another program and combine it,

Go to the Build + Blind tab and enter your desired apk file from there.)

In the next step, you must download and install the DUC software used for automatic DNS updates in Windows. After installing the DUC program, please open it and enter the details of the host you created in the relevant field.

Now download and run the AndroRat Project software and then open the Server tab and enter the port number you created earlier.

Now run the apk file you created in the previous sections with the AndroRat Blinder program on the destination phone.

After performing the above steps, you have almost created an android phone hacking program. Of course, you should know that most antiviruses, due to the popularity of AndroRat software in spying and hacking, recognize this program as a virus and do not allow access to it.

Hack Android phone with androrat app

Android phone hacking with androrat app, AndroRat phone hacking software, free android download, hacking and tracking apps

Free download android | Penetration and access to Android

Those who do not know what a rat is to hack a phone !!!

√  No need for a server

√  Connection using an Android phone and computer

√  Encrypted and multi-targeted (ability to hack several people simultaneously)

√  Hide after installation

√  Indelible

√  No need to set the port and

 Instagram follower increase program

Hack Android phone with androrat app

Rat capabilities:

√  Recover 60 recent SMS

√  Recover call history

√  Recover browser history

√  Record voice

√  Screenshot of the target device

√  Take back and forth camera photo

√  Obtain target number

√  Format device

√  Lock-on individual device

√  Record calls

√  Access to Gmail / WhatsApp Access Bar

√  bar notifications

√  Access to the contact list

  professional remote control

Build Rat apk with Andrew Rat tool

So far, we have created the root file, but after installation, we have to control it in a folder inside the Androrat file called Androrat.

Run it, and you will see the Rat control panel. In the menu at the top, select port.

Build Rat apk with Andrew Rat tool

And enter the port you entered when creating the root file, and after installing the root file, you can control the Android device from the panel.

Right-click on the connected device to perform various operations on the mobile

And you will see the list of Enron Root features, and you can use them easily.

Note: Be careful when turning off your antivirus


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