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Having The Right Knowledge To Visit The Right Back Doctors

Having The Right Knowledge To Visit The Right Back Doctors

Everyone has their set of health problems to deal with. And it is not possible to get an all-in-one solution for every back pain or bruise that you develop. Each problem has its set of doctors or medical practitioners that specialize in that field. Choosing the right practioner depends on the severity of the situation and experience.

If it is back pain, then there are a set of practitioners, who specialized in a different type of pain as well. So, if you are looking for the right doctor to go for your back pain, here is a small guide. As mentioned earlier, read each type of practitioner carefully to choose the back doctors in Palatka for your situation.

General Practitioner

General practitioners are not meant to be visited for the most severe pain. if you are just developing back and neck pain, then you can visit your family doctor, who is most certainly a general practitioner. Their main aim will be to diagnose the root cause of your pain and then direct you to the right doctor as required.

Sometimes, if the pain is only due to bad posture or other correctable reasons, your consultation ends with this doctor itself. A few pain killers will be prescribed along with corrections to the mistakes you are doing. If you follow their instructions as mentioned, it will be the most beneficial for you.


Though general practitioners are for treating common ailments, they cannot treat children. The anatomy of children differs from that of a fully developed adult. This is why there are special doctors for children known as paediatricians. If it is a child below the age of 15, then their consultation for any condition will initially be with a paediatrician.

From there, the doctors will suggest the right child specialist for curing the condition. More often, as mentioned under general practitioners, the consultation can end there if it is a simple reason. But taking the child to a doctor immediately will prevent the condition from complicating further. As you leave, the condition keeps getting worse, unless otherwise stated by the doctors themselves.

Orthopedic And Reumatologist

Orthopaedic doctors treat conditions related to the musculoskeletal system. Often enough these conditions overlap with other medical departments as well. For example, back pain, depending on the severity is either treated by an orthopaedic or by a rheumatologist. Depending on the origin of the pain, they can also either be treated by a neurologist.

After initial diagnosis from the general practitioner, if they suggest you to an orthopaedic, then the problem is either with the muscle or the spine. Commonly treated problems are slipped disc, scoliosis, osteoporosis and other sports injury.

When comes to a rheumatologist treating musculoskeletal system related injuries. But other than that, they also treat autoimmune and inflammatory injuries. If you experience symptoms of spondylolysis or sacroiliitis. These are also conditions that can inject extreme pain in the back, especially in the spinal area.

Osteopaths are also referred to as those with back pain due to incorrect posture. They suggest the right postures and also give massages to relieve any stress building up within the muscle. Sometimes, this stress can cause back pain.

Emergency Room Healthcare Providers

If you have had any severe trauma on the back that has caused the pain, then you have to visit the emergency room of well-known hospitals. Traumas, in this case, include sports injuries, accidents, falls and gun-shots. The first aid is done by these health care providers and further diagnosis is done.

Depending on the area of impact, you are directed to a neurosurgeon (if in need of immediate surgery or neurological attention). Sometimes, physiatrists and chiropractors are also referred to for after-surgery healing of the concerned spinal, or back wound. Physiatrists are also referred for recovery from athletic injuries.

Therefore, as seen, depending on the severity and the root cause of the problem, different back doctors are referred to for getting the right treatment. You should not have to suffer from the pain for too long by just keeping it without the right consultation.


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