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How to get your Perfect Instagram look with Baddie Nails 

Having Nail art or designing nails has gained immense popularity over a period of time. These concepts are used to decorate and enhance the beauty of fingernails and toenails. They help in brightening up your everyday look by adding more style and glamour. Nail art and design have become a significantly important part of fashion and beauty. This enables people to creatively express themselves in their own style. So now you can get the perfect Instagram look with Baddie Nails or implement coffin nails ideas whenever you like. 

Various catwalks of the popular designers, Hollywood actors, and celebrities showcase various nail art designs which cover the latest nail trends on their red carpets or during public appearances. 

Nail Arts and Nail designs also reflect your moods and artistic personality which can be done at the salon or can also be done from the comfort of your house which makes it very easy for anyone who wants to get the perfect Instagram look with Baddie Nails,  

What do you need?

To get your hands on your favorite nail art design it is no need anymore to visit a nail salon and keep waiting for all that long, taking all the hassle instead they can be easily achieved through better tools and supplies. The most important tool is a brush which is readily available at any store at affordable rates. The nail file is most likely to be a needed one. 

Further to this, dotting tools, designing tools and nail stamps also play a pivotal role in getting your perfect Instagram to look with Baddie nails or applying coffin nails ideas. Then comes a major part played by your design and the technique that will get you the desired looks. 

Nail Kits 

Many different kits are available these days that are very easy to use for beginners to help you in getting started to get what you like. Nail polish, nail tools, Basecoats, and topcoats alongside dotting tools, patterns, pins, and stickers are some of the essential parts of the kits. Stones, glitter, and jewels are available on how diverse the kit is. The same goes for the nail pens which help you in drawing on nails directly, giving a unique experience to its users which can help in getting whatever they desire. 

How to get started?

Whether to get your perfect Instagram look with Baddie Nails or to get any desired design, the most important part of getting your favorite nail design done starts with the clean and well-shaped nails. It is very important to ensure that the nails are carefully trimmers or filed before getting them painted or designed. 

Even the easiest design cannot be achieved to their fullest if they are not properly ready before applying any creative designs to them. In case you feel that your natural nails are not ready to get any art or design done on them then do consider the application of Acrylic nails. 

These nails are widely available in the market and can be applied at home as well. After this, the next step is to apply a basecoat that will help you in the long run to protect your nails from any kind of nail polish staining or discoloration. It also helps in giving a better grip to the nail art design or any other design you want to achieve.

After the basecoat has been applied, the next step is to select a color of your choice and apply it evenly on your nails with the help of a brush or a sponge. If you are aiming for a gradient effect then make sure that you are applying the lightest shade first followed by the darkest.

After the application of the color, you can go ahead and add some glitter or jewels to make your design pop out more. You can also use a topcoat to give it a finishing touch and to make sure that your nail art or design lasts for a longer time.There are many different ways that you can achieve your perfect Instagram look with Baddie Nails. You can either go for a simple design or you can also opt for something more complicated depending on your mood and personality.

There are no rules when it comes to getting the perfect nail art design, so go ahead and experiment to find what works best for you!

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