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How to Pace Yourself with Changing Academic Writing Industry?

How to Pace Yourself with Changing Academic Writing Industry?

For years, researchers and academicians used to think that academic writing was relatively rigid. Researchers used to think it was rigid in its style, use of language, tools, methods, structure, and audience. But this is a thing of the past now. With changing educational horizons, the academic writing industry is also changing. New analysis methods and policies are being introduced each day. The researchers are always in pursuit of new writing styles to increase the readership, viewership, and impact factor of their writings. In order to achieve this, they have to keep pace with this constantly changing industry.

From the discussion above, it is evident that researchers must have the know-how of the ongoing modifications in the academic industry. But the question is still the same, how they can pace themselves with those changes. So, today’s writing is all about this “how.” it will discuss the changes being happened and give advice on how one can pace with it.

Changes and How to Pace with Them

Writing is not an easy job to do. However, with constant changes happening each day, it is becoming more and more difficult. Therefore, to cater to those changes, you must know what they are first and then apply the techniques to keep pace with them. Thus, a brief description of each change is as follows:

New analysis tools

            Academic writing is something based on an analysis of the data. The researchers analyse the data and then draw valuable conclusions based on that data. For years, the analysis tools were the same for this writing. There was not a single change in them. Now, with advancements in internet technology, there are many new analysis tools and methods in use.

Whether you work on business research or scientific, the use of analysis tools is mandatory. Therefore, you must know about those tools in advance and know how to use them. However, if you do not know how to use them, you can take the essay writing services of cheap essay writing UK. Their profound writers will do your work and also teach you how to use those tools as a perk. This way, you can keep pace with the new analysis tools. However, some new analysis tools in this industry are as follows:

  • SAS Business analytics
  • QlikView
  • Board
  • IBM SPSS etc.

Changing copyright policies

            Copyright is the intellectual property of someone that gives him the exclusive right. Researchers sometimes copy the data of other authors and present it as their own. This is an awful practice. However, with the new changing copyright policies, it has become almost impossible for you to copy someone else’s work. Due to advancements in the Creative Commons License, no other author can take the data of other authors. The Creative Commons protects the intellectual property of every author.

             The researchers must consider these changes, and they should keep pace with them. They can only do this by reading the updated versions of these licenses. Otherwise, knowingly and unknowingly, they will use the data of others.

Advanced plagiarism checking tools

            Plagiarism is a fatal thing for any kind of writing. You must know that plagiarism is academic dishonesty, and you should avoid it as much as possible. However, with advancing technology, there are now advanced plagiarism checking tools. Those tools scan academic writing against billions of pages and give you the results in seconds. The most famous tool for checking plagiarism is Turnitin. It scans every writing against billions of pages and published material. Recently, Turnitin has launched Gradescope and Examsoft to increase assessment integrity. You can try out new ways and features of these tools.

            Keeping pace with plagiarism tools is becoming difficult. It is because of the advancements happening all over the world in machine learning. You can also keep pace with these tools by learning and searching about them daily. However, you can also use cheap essay writing UK if you do not want to do it yourself. Their expert writers know each change in those tools and write your document accordingly.

Grammar checking tools

            Academic writing follows a rigorous writing style. The sentences are quite long and have complex use of grammar in them. Therefore, a lot of changes are also happening in this sector of the academic writing industry as well. Companies associated with the education sector are introducing new and improved tools for eradicating grammar issues. The top company involved in this is Grammarly. It is an AI-powered writing assistant that allows you to correct each issue related to grammar. For example, it checks the sentences for their clarity, correctness, and engagement.

            Many more tools are on the way to being used in the academic industry. Some of those tools are ProWrtingAid, WhiteSmoke, and Ginger. You must use these tools as this is the only to keep pace with this change.

Advancing paraphrasing tools

            Paraphrasing is a technique using which UK research writers use the information by changing its structure. They use synonyms of different words and mold the overall sentence. This technique pretty much saves the students from plagiarism issues. It is because they are no more using the same information exactly. With the plagiarism tools advancing each day, there has also been a change in paraphrasing tools.

Also, many paraphrasing tools now incorporate Artificial Intelligence (AI). The use of AI enables them to know the context of the sentence. Those tools then provide you with alternative information similar to the context. You can only keep pace with these changes if you use these tools regularly. Using them regularly, you are actually mastering these tools.

Final Thoughts

            The education sector has been evolving since its origin. The 4th industrial revolution brought many changes to education. The academic writing industry has also been affected a lot due to this revolution. It is because this gave birth to new technologies, AI and Machine Learning. A lot of advancements have been made due to these. Also, the face of academic writing is changing with time. So, you must keep pace with these changes by following the ways mentioned above.


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