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How to reduce costs of B2B leads

There are many ways, how to generate B2B leads: SEO, SEM, content marketing, email marketing, cold outreach, trade fairs etc. Each way has own pros and cons and it depends on your business and your budget, which channel you should prefer.

But whatever channel you use, it is crucial to keep costs of B2B leads as low as possible. There is a common tendency on the market, that the costs per click are going higher and higher every year, so do the costs of your leads.

So, to keep the price per lead as low as possible, you should optimize your funnel. Funnel optimization isn’t one time task, you have to review your sales funnel ones in certain period of time, typically once in three months or at least in six months.

There are many ways, how to optimize your funnel:

By using these methods, you can succeed in B2B lead generation, generate more leads on lower costs.

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