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How to Sell an App Idea to a Company?

How to Sell an App Idea to a Company?

Mobile applications are the best options for business people to enter the digital world, and there are many developers available to develop different kinds of mobile applications

Most app developers create products to sell and profit from them. But most developers and many new developers have no good idea about selling mobile applications to companies and various organizations. 

Many companies prefer Android app development Sydney to get mobile applications according to their needs.

Mobile application developers should learn about various steps and tactics that help them sell their apps to multiple companies. There are different kinds of methods available for selling apps. And people need to learn all of them to be a pro in marketing their mobile applications. 

Google and Facebook are the most common companies that buy android mobile applications, so most developers target these companies to sell their products. If they fail, they can consider various companies suitable for purchasing mobile applications.

Different steps to sell apps to companies

The mobile app developers need to follow some steps and methods to sell their apps to companies. These steps will help them make a profit with their products and help them improve their app marketing skills. Those steps are

  1. Create a document that contains the app idea
  2. Research and information analysis to know the market and users
  3. Create a business concept
  4. Develop the App
  5. Launch and grow your app
  6. Find potential investors and pitch them

These are some of the best and most exact steps that help developers sell their applications to companies that need those apps. Proper marketing is the best way to sell products, and it is suitable for mobile applications also. Several marketing methods are available for mobile apps, and all these steps are essential for every marketing method. These are some points about the steps that help sell apps to companies.

How to Sell an App Idea & is Your Idea Worth It?

You don’t have to shell out thousands of dollars on an app just to check whether your app idea will work or not. Test your app idea in just a few hundred dollars with a dummy website.

This is one of the most unique and creative ways to check whether people will like your app idea or not. Design and build a website for your app idea, as if the app already exists. Mention the features, dummy app screen designs, etc. On the page and place the app download button on the site.

If you get a positive response overall, you can be sure that pitching your app idea to investors is a thought worth pursuing.

Create a document that contains the app idea

The first process for selling an app starts with documentation of the app idea. This process will help the users know about the application’s features and other abilities. And the developer can write all the pictures, marketing plans, and further essential details to improve the application. Most developers of android app development Sydney will have this practice of writing down on paper to enhance the application’s ability.

Research and information analysis

The research and information analysis process will help the developers understand their marketplace and the target users they need to provide their mobile applications. These are some of the features and abilities of the research and information process.

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Create a business concept

The business concept needs a brief description, details bout the users, an overview of the market and available competitors, a marketing strategy, a growth roadmap, and a monetization strategy. These are some of the primary points necessary to develop a business concept.

Develop the app

Developing and constructing the app is the following primary process of creating a product according to the clients’ needs. Finally, after all the above methods, the developers need to start the application’s development phase, which provides a working model for the theoretical idea of an app. These are some of the points about app development.

Launch and grow app as per android app development Sydney

After developing the app, the next step is to launch the mobile application, and it is also necessary to update them according to the clients’ needs and usage. This process of upgrades will help to maintain the stability of the app.

Find potential investors and pitch them

After these processes, the developers need to find influential potential investors to invest in their apps and propose a plan for the investment idea. And finding the best investor is also one of the best parts of selling mobile applications. 


Following all these steps will help developers and companies to sell their mobile applications. For example, the developers of android app development Sydney follow all these steps to improve tha abilities of the selling process. In addition, these steps will help them create various effective business-related decisions.


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