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How to Start a Mac in Internet Recovery Mode & Reinstall macOS

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macOS tends to be relatively stable, which is a great feature. However, you will occasionally run into problems. Therefore, Apple created the Internet Recovery system to reinstall your operating system efficiently and with the least amount of data loss possible. If you encounter any other Mac problems, you should consider Mac Optimizer Pro. Using this best Mac cleaner, your Mac will be optimized automatically. 

How Recovery Mode differs from Internet Recovery Mode

If you’re experiencing issues with your Mac that may have been caused by problems with the macOS, Internet Recovery Mode can download a clean copy of OS X for you. Internet Recovery Mode downloads the macOS exactly as it would have been when your Mac came out of the box so that you can rule out any issues caused by updates. It can be very helpful if you cannot access the recovery partition because of hard drive problems. During Internet Recovery Mode, the files it needs will be downloaded directly from the internet.

Recovery mode is an alternative to this. Recovery mode runs from a partition on your hard drive. You create this partition when you install a new version of macOS. It will always be the most recent version of macOS that you restored.

Requirements for Internet Recovery Mode


macOS Internet Recovery is a new feature of Mac. Internet Recovery Mode is available to Macs built from late 2011 to early 2014 that are running OS X 10.7 (Lion).

 If you have an older Mac, don’t despair. Apple released an update saying:

In some cases, after installing OS X Lion or later and updating the firmware on Macs that came with OS X Snow Leopard, Internet Recovery can be used

You can also download and install an updated EFI Firmware ROM. This will also enable Internet Recovery Mode for the following Macs:


In order for your installation to succeed, the network to which your Mac is connected must support DHCP, regardless of whether it uses Ethernet or Wi-Fi. Moreover, your security protocol must be WPA/WPA2.  

No workaround will allow the internet recovery mode to work with any of these protocols:

How to use Internet Recovery Mode on a Mac

There is no difference in the initial preparation regardless of whether your Mac is Intel-based or M1.

Internet Recovery Mode on Macs with Intel processors

Press down the Command, Option, and R keys when prompted by the startup chime of your Mac

  1. As you hold down these keys, you will see a globe and the message “Starting internet recovery. This may take a while”
  2. You will be required to choose a wireless network several minutes later. Make sure your internet connection is stable so your Mac can download the files it needs. You can select the appropriate network from the dropdown menu. In the case of an Ethernet-connected Mac, you can skip this step
  3. The next step, if you are connecting to a secure network, is entering the Wi-Fi password
  4. Once you connect to the internet, your Mac will start downloading the necessary installation files. Your internet connection speed and your Mac’s speed will determine how long this step takes. Expect to wait anywhere between a few minutes and over an hour
  5. As soon as the download is complete, you will be able to take advantage of macOS Utilities 

Internet recovery for M1 Mac

  1. Press and hold the Power button until you hear the startup chime and the Apple Logo appears on your Mac
  2. Once you see a message saying “Loading Startup Options,” let the power button go off.
  3. After that, click on Options to open the Recovery Mode window when the screen loads
  4. Next, click on the Next button after selecting the language you want
  5. You will now see the Internet recovery screen

These modes help the users in speed up Mac of theirs. This happens automatically as soon as they start the mode. Apart from this, the Mac Optimizer Pro also helps in organize and speed up the Mac of the users.

Re-installing macOS from the Internet  

Troubleshooting of Internet recovery  

Troubleshooting internet and Mac issues can also be done with different tools, and Mac Optimizer Pro is a useful tool for such situations. In addition to managing all the optimization-related aspects within some clicks, this best Mac Cleaner and optimizer helps users resolve internet and system-related issues. 

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