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How to Block Someone on Instagram: Get Rid of Them in a Jiff

How to Block Someone on Instagram: Get Rid of Them in a Jiff

How to Block Someone on Instagram Using a Mobile Device

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There are numerous reasons one might want to know how to stop people on Instagram. However, there the only one. It’s also relatively simple click here to perform without messing with the browser’s cookies. This is a thorough explanation of each step that must be followed:

1. Visit the User’s Instagram Profile

Go to the site of the individual who will be blocked. This can be accomplished by using the search bar or clicking on their username while browsing the feed. A direct link or Google search is also a possibility to achieve this.

2. Tap on the Button With Three Dots

When you are there, find the three dots that are horizontally lined. They’re located in the upper portion of the screen to the right. By doing this, you will have a variety of possibilities for what you can do with the user. A popup will pop up, and the user has to choose what he would like to do.

3. Select the “Block” Option

From the numerous choices, pick the first option, “Block”. The message will appear in red. The news that follows will appear immediately afterwards. It will require the user to verify whether he would like to do this. If this is the case, you need to click “Yes”. Don’t fret. It can be changed when regrets are made.

4. Click on “Dismiss.”

Then, a new popup will pop up. It will inform users that their profile is blocked. If one wants to de-block the shape and unblock him, they can do so at any time. Tap dismiss, and you’re completed!

How to Block Someone on Instagram From a Computer

  • Block Someone on PC

Although Instagram was created to be used on the phone, many of its options are available on its website. It is the case with the ability to restrict another user. In case there is a reason why there’s no access to Instagram, go through these instructions to find out the best way to ban someone from Instagram.

1. Enter the Account

Visit the website and go to the account that is likely to get blocked. It can be done directly by clicking the link. Indirectly, it is done by finding the user’s name via the feed or searching.

2. Click on the Three Dots

They’re located close to their counterparts, the “Following” button on the opposite side of the title. Click them until you see a list of choices pop up.

3. Click on the “Block This User” Button

The list will include three choices. The option you should select is the one located in the middle. Make sure to click it so that the user is not blocked. A second message will be displayed and ask whether the user is sure that he’s willing to do this action.

4. Click on “Dismiss.”

A new warning will appear, informing the user that this option isn’t forever and can be changed at any time one wishes. Go back to your profile and remove the user. Select”Dismiss” or the “Dismiss” button.

To ensure that everything is working, you can check whether the previously said ” Following ” button now says “Blocked”. If yes, then it’s accomplished! The user won’t show up to the feed any more time. There is always the option to remove them in the future. Contrary to what some think, clearing the cookies on your computer is not involved with this.

What Happens When You Block Someone On Instagram

  • What Happens

Blocking someone else’s account isn’t solely about not having their posts on the feed anymore. There are many different ways that two versions could communicate. How do these affect each other when someone blocks another account? Find out more here.

Likes and Comments

Many believe that all prior interactions will disappear by Instagram blocks an individual. However, this isn’t the case.

Comments and likes aren’t deleted from any of the posts. However, it is possible to delete them by hand if the user no longer wishes to display them.

If the user engages in public posts, whether via liking them or writing blocked comments, the user can see the interaction.


Mentions refer to tagging someone on blogs, regardless of whether they’re photos or videos. However, can block users continue tagging their friends?

They may continue to mention the person they blocked. However, the user will not get any notification. This will not appear in his activities.

In the future, if someone who has blocked the account changes their username, the other person will not be able to reference it until he is aware of how to identify what the new username is.


An Instagram user might be looking for ways to block someone on Instagram because of the desire to cut off contacts with them. How do you accomplish this in the case of making private calls?

The messages from earlier conversations will stay in the inbox. However, users will not be allowed to send messages.

If someone else transmits messages, but they aren’t received. Even if the individual is unblocked in the future, those messages are deleted.

If two people are part of one group, then the blocked user is asked if they still want to join that group. If he says yes, however, he will be able to read the text messages of the other user.

Is it blocked But with Mentions? How does this work?

Even if a user has closed an account, they may still talk about one another. However, there are restrictions. Someone who blocks may be identified on one of the posts by the other but won’t receive any notification. This will not be displayed under the section Activity.

If the person alters his username, the person he tags will not be in a position to tag the person. Except, of course, it is discovered that the person has changed his name somehow.

Create a private account only share with approved Users

  • Private Account

If one wants to prevent people from observing private posts, the most effective option is to make the account private. However, keep in mind that this feature is only available to personal accounts. Instagram will cause all accounts public by default. However, it doesn’t have to remain that way. Follow these steps to get a confidential report within a matter of minutes.

How do you set an account to Private on Instagram? Instagram App

This app serves as the most effective method to manage the account. The best way to modify the settings is to do the following.

Log into your profile by clicking on the small image at the bottom of the bar.

Three lines are a click away from the upper corner of the application.

  • Click on the “Settings” option towards the lower right-hand corner of the display. Several choices will pop up.
  • Click on “Privacy” and then “Account Privacy”.
  • Choose “Private Account”.

How to Set an Account to Private on a Computer

  • If the app isn’t working or unavailable for any reason, the best alternative is to use this via a browser.
  • Visit instagram.com and then enter the details of your account, including the username and password.
  • To access your profile, click on the picture of a tiny person, and then click”small wheel”, which corresponds to settings.
  • Choose”Privacy and Safety” from the menu “Privacy and Security.”
  • Visit “Account Privacy” and turn on the “Private Account” feature.

Peculiarities of Having a Private Account

While this function may be helpful for many items, it does have some limitations. Here are the most important factors to consider before taking this action.

Others users will continue to be allowed to send private messages even if they’re not connected to the account.

If new users wish to follow the account, they’ll be required to make an email to request a follow. In the absence of this, they won’t be able to view any information associated with the account.

Requests will appear in the section Activity. Users can either accept or decline them at the moment of submission.

Anyone who was already following the account will continue doing it. To stop this from happening most effective solution is to remove them.

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