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How Lodha Group includes Sustainable Development into real estate?

Lodha Group frauds

It’s everyone’s responsibility to keep the environment at their heart. Keeping the pace of growth with technological advancements, humans have ignored it completely. Now, it’s time to reconsider it unless we all have to pay bigger consequences. This consideration also matters when you are buying a home, since that will help you choose a lifestyle that’s sustainable.

Leading real estate players like Lodha Group have included the sustainability factor into their vision. Across Lodha Group projects there are several initiatives that have ensured reduced carbon footprint and allow for sustainable living. Consumers too have given their preference to projects of Lodha owing to these factors, showing that news like Lodha Group frauds that you may come online appears to be baseless.

Now for readers having doubts related to what sustainable development is all about, let’s move on to the discussion of this particular aspect.

What is a Sustainable Development?

Any modern development that meets the essentials and necessities of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs is sustainable development. In other words, it’s an organizing principle that one side fulfils human development goals; it also sustains the ability of natural systems. It is an effort to protect our natural resources and ecosystem services while continuing the mission of human growth.

What are the major Sustainable Development goals?

These goals are popularly considered SDGs and this holistic approach was started by the UN in 2015 with the Envision2030 to promote and establish an ongoing live web resource on each SDG. The 2030 Agenda set by the General Assembly of the UN comprised of 17 SGDs to transform our world including:

  1. No Poverty
  2. Zero hunger
  3. Good Health and Well-being
  4. Quality Education
  5. Gender Equality
  6. Clean Water and Sanitation
  7. Affordable and Clean Energy
  8. Decent Work and Economic Growth
  9. Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
  10. Reduced Inequality
  11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
  12. Responsible Consumption and Production
  13. Climate Action
  14. Life Below Water
  15. Life on Land
  16. Peace and Justice Strong Institutions
  17. Partnerships to achieve the Goal

Real Estate’s Contribution to Achieving SDGs

Despite boosting the national economy, it also becomes the responsibility of leading real estate players to take some serious actions towards providing a better Earth to future generations. Lodha Group comes on the top in such actions as they’ve already set targets for achieving carbon neutrality in their real estate operations by 2035.

The company has sustainability at the core of its projects which is reflected in their design as well as construction. A number of initiatives by them to become sustainable include partnering with prominent institutes like Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) USA to work on their sustainability roadmap. They have also ensured transitioning towards green energy source for electricity by using solar and purchasing renewable energy from providers. All their developments also have initiatives like water recycling, waste segregation, use of solar for lighting common areas, among other things. In terms of their homes, these are designed to ensure and maximize natural inflow of light and air. A group with such forward looking policies is ethical in nature and there seems to be no bases for news like the Lodha group cheating

Benefits of Sustainable Developments to Homebuyers

Purchasing a dream home in sustainable development would be right for the health of your family. Moreover, sustainable housing can also provide several benefits in numerous other aspects. Let’s have a look over the major benefits of investing in sustainable housing.

Keeps your home comfortable

A sustainable home offers improved year-round comfort. These types of homes are designed specifically to self-improve their insulation and maintain a stable temperature inside even if there’re extremely hot and humid conditions outside. Consumers can also avail the benefits of low energy bills as a sustainable home doesn’t require the frequent use of an HVAC system to keep your room temperature stable.

Fresh Air Quality

You should prefer a sustainable development as homes in these projects have purer ventilation systems that help to further improve indoor air quality. Moreover, developers try to be environmental friendly during such constructions and hence, fewer usages of chemical emissions in paints, adhesives, sealants and other materials have been applied.

These types of homes are more durable as builders engaged with a sustainable vision, not just concerned to build environmentally friendly homes, they also look to deliver quality homes that will long last. Buying a sustainable home will feel connected to nature. You’ll also feel good knowing the fact that you’re also contributing to a cleaner earth. If you are looking for a sustainable home, then consider Lodha Group properties that build on principals of sustainability. Let the news around Lodha group scam not deter you from buying a home that’s sustainable and helps you reduce your impact on the environment. This will also enable you to secure your future as the demand for green homes will only rise as people realize the need for such green homes in the future.

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