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Make a logo for an advertising agency

The logo is the corporate emblem of any company, it is he who ensures its recognition in the market. The main purpose of the logo is to evoke positive emotions, attract people’s attention, and be remembered.

Logos can be found everywhere, but only unusual and correctly created ones will be remembered by people. A creative logo that will distinguish the company from competitors can be created in Turbologo.

The logo is one of the important components of any brand. Acquaintance with the company begins with him. The logo leaves the first impression of the company, its services, product, because it is the drawing that is very well remembered in people’s memory.

Different logos are needed for different kinds of companies. That it will be advantageous and creative to single out one company, for another company it may simply be unacceptable. For example, a bright abstract logo with an unusual inscription will be out of place in serious government organizations.

Let’s take a closer look at which logo is suitable for an advertising agency, which will favorably distinguish it from competitors.

Logo for an advertising agency

The logo of an advertising agency should be creative and bright, memorable, like the employees of such an agency themselves. An unconventional approach to choosing a logo for an advertising agency is important.

As with the creation of any logo, the creation of an advertising one begins with the choice of an idea. The company’s brand name will attract the attention of customers every day, it should inspire confidence and explain why it is worth choosing your company.

First you need to analyze your company and competitors’ companies and answer a number of questions that will help you when creating a logo.

– What is your company like?

– What is special about your company?

– What distinguishes your company from competitors?

At first glance, the logo of an advertising agency should show who it is and what the company does. Color, font, picture and other design elements greatly influence people’s perception of the brand. If you make a logo adhering to small tips and rules, then a positive perception of it from customers is guaranteed. So when creating an advertising logo, consider: shape, color, font, correct size.

Most often, advertising agencies choose combined logos, where text and drawing are found. The color scheme of advertising agencies usually consists of one or two colors.

Color selection

When creating a logo for an advertising company, study the meaning of colors so as not to miss its choice.

Usually advertising companies prefer one or two-light logo or a combination of several colors, but a three-color combination or more is very rare.

Images and symbols

Almost all advertising companies prefer a font logo, as such an emblem is better perceived by the audience. Combined logos are also often used.

Geometric shapes, unusual lines, and abstract elements are well suited for advertising company logos. And stylized images of different animals and birds will look advantageous as a picture.


The font for creating the logo of advertising companies is usually chosen with a simple style, with soft lines and without serifs. Handwritten fonts will look advantageous.


The logo of an advertising agency should be unique and recognizable, it should reflect the uniqueness and reveal the character. Get serious about creating a logo, study all the details and nuances, it is a properly created logo that will be well remembered and will favorably distinguish your advertising agency from competitors.

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