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Making Your Own Weed Gummy Molds


Unexpectedly, Washington State is considering making marijuana-infused candy illegal. Gummies, multicolored chocolates, hard candies, and fruit chews, to name a few sweet weed-infused treats, would be outlawed.


What justification exists for this restriction?

Foods that have been turned into sweets, such gummies and candies, seem to appeal to kids more. Just as much as kids do, adults adore scrumptious gummy candies and packaging in vibrant colors!


Adults like marijuana candies like strong sour gummy worm edibles and cannabis-infused gummy bears.


You can still indulge even though Washington State dispensaries do not sell these delicious treats. In actuality, making your own gummies is easy, affordable, and practical.


If you know how to make marijuana gummies, you’ll never be without your favorite sweet treat again!


Gummies made of marijuana and flavoring

Making marijuana gummies is a simple skill that all stoners should know how to do.


Even while it may take more effort to make your own marijuana candy than it does to just visit your neighborhood dispensary, you’ll always have access to your favorite weed gummy molds treat! Moreover, what is the best part? You can eat everything you want!


All you need is a fruit juice, such as guava, pomegranate, or watermelon. Stronger juice concentrations will produce edible gummies that are more flavorful and less weedy.


Use our marijuana strain guide to match the terpenes in your marijuana to the preferred fruit flavor for extra-special special candies.


The following equipment is necessary for you:


Your preferred gummy mold

Using an eyedropper or a squeeze bottle to apply cooking spray to a large pot

One whisker





The method

The alcohol in this marijuana-infused candy recipe contains THC. Simply bake your marijuana at 250 degrees for about 30 minutes to activate the THC if you want to make cannabis-infused alcohol.


Before combining your decarboxylated cannabis with a solution of a high concentration of alcohol, finely ground it (something like Ever clear). Before using, shake thoroughly and store for up to two weeks. Please be aware that the longer you infuse cannabis, the stronger it will become (and taste).


To make your marijuana gummies, combine honey, fruit juice, lemon or lime juice, and your cannabis-infused alcohol in a big mixing bowl. After completely mixing the marijuana gummy mixture, pour it into a sizable frying pan.


Over a medium-low burner, warm the marijuana gummy mixture until it begins to steam.


When the mixture is extremely hot, add the gelatin and whisk quickly to ensure there are no lumps or clumps. As you get the molds ready, take the marijuana gummy mixture off the heat and set it away for a while.


Before pouring your gummy mixture, you must first prepare your gummy molds. Spray cooking spray in each gummy mold to prevent your marijuana gummies from sticking.


Once the molds have been created, pour your marijuana gummy concoction into each one. Make sure the gummies are nice and hard by refrigerating for at least 20 minutes, or until the gelatin has set.


Put your handmade marijuana gummies in a solution of granulated sugar and citric acid to give them a more store-bought appearance.


They’ll have the exact same flavor as sour gummies from the shop! For a coating of sugar that is sweet (but not sour), remove the citric acid.


Take Care When Making Marijuana Gummies.

Test your own gummy treats gradually because no two batches of marijuana gummies have the same potency.


While candy from dispensaries have a label that is evident, the potency of homemade edibles is usually a surprise.


Keep in mind that making the marijuana gummy combination with an additional teaspoon of alcohol that has been infused with cannabis will yield stronger gummies.


On the other hand, it’s simple to make milder edibles by using half a teaspoon less.

Keep your medications out of children’s reach since Washington State makes a valid point about how children adore sweets (if you have them).


You must keep marijuana gummies—as well as other candy infused with cannabis—away from kids, dogs, and anyone else who shouldn’t be eating them now that you know how to make them.

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