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Medical Cannabis Dispensaries in Canada

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To become a patient at a Medical Cannabis Dispensary Toronto, you first need to fill out a 12 page form and view a National Geographic special on marijuana. Upon completion of the form, you’ll be invited to visit one of two exam rooms, held on Tuesdays and the first week of the month. Afterward, you can meet with a counsellor who will help you choose the right strain. CanvasRx pays for counselling and keeps the counsellor informed about the products available. For low-income patients on disability assistance, there is a compassionate pricing plan for patients.

Puff Dispensary

The Puff is a licensed medical cannabis dispensary in Toronto that features over 40 strains of cannabis, vape wands, and concentrates. This new dispensary features experienced executives, free parking, and a variety of products to suit your medical needs. In addition to a wide selection of strains, The Puff also offers a variety of edibles. As a licensed dispensary, The Puff has a variety of prices to suit your budget.

The company is building its brand around the bud lifestyle. Customers can experience a luxurious retail experience in the upscale cannabis dispensary. The products are curated to be the highest quality, and many patients can book appointments with physicians via the website. It also has a selection of premium cannabis products, as well as accessories, that other dispensaries don’t carry. Puff Dispensary has opened six dispensaries in the Toronto area, including the one in St. Yonge.


Avicanna Medical Cannabis Dispensary Toronto recently signed a deal with Shoppers Drug Mart, Canada’s largest drug retailer, to supply medical cannabis for sale to the public. This deal is expected to be fully operational by January 2020. The deal will give customers access to over 100 cannabis strains from around the world. It is also the first Canadian medical cannabis dispensary to become part of COVID 19.

The company has several strategic alliances with major academic and medical centres in Toronto. For example, it is in close proximity to UHN and St. Michael’s Hospital, and has a partnership with the University of Toronto. It also has a partnership with Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre. Currently, Avicanna is focused on four key products and has plans to manufacture and distribute them across Canada. While it may still be a long way off, the company has made strides in these areas.

Zenabis Global

Canadian marijuana producers Zenabis Global Inc. has partnered with the government to make medical marijuana legal in Canada. It is a subsidiary of HEXO Corp. and has three licensed facilities across Canada. It sells both dried marijuana and cannabis oil. The company is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada. As of June 1, 2021, the company will be a subsidiary of HEXO Corp. and will be regulated by Health Canada.

In addition to its dispensary location in Toronto, the company has also partnered with Canadian regulated health cannabis organization Health Canada. The company has received a license to build a facility in the former Atlantic Yarns building. The construction should begin in the next two weeks. Kevin Coft, CEO of International Herbs Medical Marijuana Ltd., said the company hopes to open the facility in 2017.


With the upcoming legalization of medical cannabis in Canada, TerrAscend Corporation is working to build a world-class business in the field. In addition to operating award-winning Apothecarium dispensaries, TerrAscend also has manufacturing and scaled cultivation facilities that will produce medical cannabis products. This expansion will help TerrAscend expand its product offerings, and provide patients with industry-leading educational resources.

The newest TerrAscend Medical Cannabis Dispenary in Toronto features an inviting atmosphere with natural lighting and welcoming furnishings. This is the largest location for a TerrAscend Medical Cannabis Dispensary in Canada, and it has strict safety policies. Employees and visitors must wear protective masks and are trained to interact with customers in a socially safe manner. Moreover, TerrAscend maintains strict hygiene standards and has adopted a daily cleaning protocol.


The Tilray Medical Cannabis Dispensary in Toronto is a Canadian company that produces high-quality weed. The company has plans to expand beyond Canada. They plan to open a medical cannabis production facility in Portugal. The facility will service patients in Portugal, the European Union, and Canada. Tilray has also announced plans to open a medical marijuana cultivation facility in Chile. This facility will be a central distribution hub for Tilray products in the region.

Bottom Line

The marijuana industry is thriving thanks to recent government policy and the legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada. Toronto Dispensary that includes Cannabis has now been legalized in Canada since October 2018, and the House of Representatives has passed legislation that decriminalizes marijuana. The bill, however, has not passed the Senate. Despite the positive news for the industry, it is important to remember that cannabis is still illegal under federal law. Currently, the only legal way to purchase cannabis in Canada is from a medical cannabis dispensary.

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