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Michigan adds 19,535 cases, 50 deaths from COVID-19 over last week


Michigan added 19,535 cases and 50 deaths from COVID-19 on Wednesday, including totals from the previous six days.

The state reported an average of about 2,790 cases per day over the last seven days, a decrease from 3,710 cases per day a week prior.

Hospitalization and new case rates in Michigan declined for the second week after rising for the previous six weeks.

On May 25, the state said it had added 25,968 cases and 139 deaths from the virus in the previous week.

Between May 20-26, about 15% of Michigan’s COVID-19 tests returned positive. 

The dip in cases was expected but doesn’t indicate a long-term downward trend, said Dr. Preeti Malani, professor of infectious diseases and chief health officer at the University of Michigan health system.

“As cases go up, hospitalizations go up and there’s always a little bit of a stagger,” Malani said. “Cases are a bit lower nationally but it’s because more people are getting COVID more than once and we’re seeing more mild disease. The antivirals are also helping.”



With few mitigation measures and no mandates in place, “This is what the world might look like for the foreseeable future,” Malani said.

The third booster shot has been shown to prevent severe disease and seniors or immunocompromised people are recommended to get a fourth booster.

“Have a plan for what you’re going to do if you get it,” Malani said. “The test and treat program isn’t where it needs to be. Treatment works best if given early, but it doesn’t mean the treatment will be easily accessible for long.”

All Metro Detroit health departments are following CDC’s guidelines to recommend indoor masking for public settings and K-12 schools as the rate of infection has grown from “medium” to “high.”

Wednesday’s additions bring the state’s overall total to 2,54,366 cases and 36,407 deaths since the virus was first detected here in March 2020.


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