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Review: Caliburn Koko Prime – Uwell

Review: Caliburn Koko Prime – Uwell

The Caliburn Koko Prime from Uwell is a very small pod that is both aesthetic and particularly practical. Disconcertingly easy to use, its micro format does not prevent it from being a great in the quality of flavors.

Koko Prime The pocket pod

Very small, very compact. The Caliburn Koko Prime knows how to be forgotten by its format. With less than 7 cm in height and barely 16 mm in width, it is the ideal companion for an extra vape in complete discretion. Super simple, super practical, it nevertheless plays at the top of the basket of the category in its restitution of flavors.

Technical characteristics

  • Pod dimensions 68 x 45.6 x 16mm
  • Pod weight 50.5g
  • Charge USB-C
  • battery 690mAh
  • Ranges of use 15W
  • Tank capacity 2ml

The box includes:

  • pod
  • Spare parts
  • USB cord
  • Manual

You have the Koko look

It’s time for colors at the manufacturer Uwell. The body of the pod is plain while its sides are adorned with more colorful patterns like paint stains. It’s graphic, fun and brings a lot of freshness to the whole. Icing on the cake, the walls are magnetic and removable for more customization. The hold is excellent, no play is felt.

Under the pod, there is a USB-C connector for fast charging. With its 690 mAh, the charging time is not very important. The integrated battery is consistent with the size of the Caliburn Koko prime, it seems difficult to have more autonomy in such a small format. However, the vaping sessions are comfortable, it is not useful to recharge too regularly. Coils compatible with the pod are not really energy-intensive.


On the side, a hole serves as an air inlet for cooling the resistance. It’s discreet. Once in hand, be careful not to position your fingers in front and thus avoid obstructing it. The pod is small enough to be held between the thumb and forefinger and not obstruct the airflow. With its featherweight just over 50 g, the Caliburn Koko Prime knows how to be forgotten. Just above the air inlet is the cartridge that contains the e-liquid. His integration is flawless.
At the top of the pod, a hook allows you to attach your Caliburn Koko to a neck strap provided in the box. It is like the pod, colorful, but very practical for on-the-go use. In a bag, a pocket or around the neck, the pod is discreet and compact. Visually, the Caliburn Koko Prime is a success. It is microscopic, well finished and above all well thought out.

Very simple

The cartridge is placed on the top of the battery. It is maintained by elongated lugs which give an indication of the level of liquid, we will come back to this. The outfit is flawless, without the slightest game. It is possible to place the cartridge in two different directions. Depending on the position of the tank in the battery body, the air supply fluctuates. The draw goes from tight to more aerial. Direct inhalation (directly into the lungs) is possible but less pleasant than indirect (mouth then lung like a tobacco cigarette).
The pod is supplied with a cartridge and two resistors. The two Caliburn G coils have a value of 1 ohm for use between 10 and 15 W. They are compatible with another pod from the Caliburn G brand. The cartridge has a capacity of 2 ml. It’s not much but in this format, it’s okay. Not to mention that the resistances are not greedy in e-liquid. The vape is produced automatically by inhaling. No adjustment, no button. Everything is simple.

Its resistance is placed in the cartridge from below. It is maintained by an upper and a lower joint. By lifting the mouth cap, you access a small hole to fill in liquid. It is necessary to privilege the thin tips of the bottle for a greater comfort of use. The cartridge is transparent, so it is easy to locate the filling level. At least when it’s outside the pod body. Once put on the battery, it becomes impossible to estimate the amount of liquid remaining without removing the tank. However, a micro-window on the side would allow it but it lacks brightness to really estimate the level of liquid. This is the only negative point of the pod.

Caliburn Koko Prime

On the side of the vape, it is faultless. The flavors are excellent for a product of this category. The resistors do the job perfectly. You can even use a liquid with 70% VG and 30% PG without ever feeling the fiber dehydrated. A second resistor is compatible with a value of 0.8 ohm. We had the opportunity to test it. The conclusion is the same, it is excellent. This last resistance allows a more dynamic inhalation but still in indirect inhalation. Direct inhaling is possible but very restricted and it is not really the playground of the Caliburn Koko Prime which excels in indirect inhaling. the Discounted koko prime price in pakistan is available at vapemall.com Website and physical stores in Lahore.


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