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Salesforce Community Cloud: What Are Its Features

Salesforce Community Cloud

Salesforce Community Cloud is a digitalized social platform that enables businesses, small and big build branded programs that connect partners, customers, and employees. It provides all the data and records needed to accomplish different tasks efficiently. Community cloud helps create digitized, rich spaces for streamlining the key business processes and extending them outward to image alt text viewerimage alt text viewerthe partners and customers. The Salesforce Consultants will help customize your experience and fit your needs.


Using AI to personalize your website gives your customers an easy way of finding what they need faster with the proper intelligent recommendations and relevant content. Depending on their behaviors and needs, you can easily connect your partners, customers, and employees to relevant content, experts, and groups.

Case Escalation

Your customers can easily create cases directly in the Salesforce Community Cloud. Afterward, you can escalate these cases automatically based on the keywords if there is any unanswered question. Your agents can then quickly answer these questions privately or within the digital experience.

Business Integration

With the help of integrated business solutions, you can easily use data from any system or anywhere and deliver relevant and intelligent experiences. Putting all your data in one place enables the customers to create and escalate support cases. Furthermore, your partners can qualify leads and update any opportunities. Employees also can share files and easily collaborate.

 Mobile Optimization

Using the Salesforce Community Cloud mobile application builder, you can collaborate from any device to deliver a responsively branded digital experience. You can easily access multiple experiences from anywhere using the Salesforce mobile app. Additionally, you can use the Salesforce mobile software development kit (SDK) to develop highly customized mobile collaboration apps.

Customization And Branding

You can easily unify your customer experience using branded apps and portals. You can choose a template that best works right out of the box. First, customize it with clicks and not code. Afterward, choose a mobile responsive theme that best fits your brand. 

Knowledge Base

You can make things easy for your customers by helping them help themselves and your agents work with easy access to articles and FAQs. This way, your customers can easily find their answers, increasing customer satisfaction using CSAT Survey Salesforce and minimizing all the emails and calls to the support desk. Furthermore, you can increase the agent’s productivity as they find it easy to access and deliver the correct answers to clients.

The agents can also add to the knowledge base, ensuring only the right and best answers are accessible to the entire team.

Chatter Collaboration

Chatter Collaboration enables your employees to collaborate on projects to get updates, subject-matter experts, and more. It allows you to foster a more innovative workplace where anyone can contribute their ideas from anywhere. This enables you to keep up with topics, projects, and teams. You can also post assets, videos, and images directly to the feed. This makes it easy for the teams to work on service cases, sales opportunities, and marketing campaigns. In addition, you can capture the organizational knowledge in one location.

Salesforce Consultants is essential to Your businesses. Using this software, companies worldwide can build customized and branded communities to help with the integration and simplicity of business processes. It enables a streamlined collaboration all through the enterprise.

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