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SEO Elements In Website Design

SEO Elements In Website Design

When you’ve convinced them to begin visiting your website, your content is the king.

Also any article that discusses the advantages Buy Twitter Followers of a professional website design is incomplete without mentioning SEO aspects.

Today, everybody knows that search engines are drawn to the original content. But, few people know that this is true for the design of your website too.

A well-designed website should have all the essential elements required to be indexed and ranked on search engines.

What are the most crucial SEO aspects to be able to include?

1. Mobile friendly

What percentage of the time does this image make you smile? The need for a mobile-friendly design on your website is more crucial more than it has ever been.

Indeed, Google publicly stated in April 2015 that they would prefer search results to mobile-friendly sites.

Therefore, it’s easy to understand why Google might not even consider ranking your website for mobile devices if your website isn’t mobile friendly.

2. Website updated

The search engines scan your website pages. They employ different methods to present current information to visitors.

A refreshed website will ensure that the markup for code is neat and easy to understand.

3. New and original content

When you combine this with the services of content writers Your site will also be optimised to get the highest possible ranking.

The Disadvantages Of Poor Website Design

Today, the negatives of a poor design for websites are more serious than the added costs of professional web design.

This is because a bad web design could result in customers not coming back.

Take a moment to think about these figures:

  • A majority of consumers expect websites to load in two minutes or less.
  • According to Kissmetrics 79% of customers have said they aren’t likely to purchase on a slow site.
  • 44% of users will be able to share their negative experience with others, creating negative reviews and feedback for your company.
  • 75% of people assess a company’s credibility solely on the basis of the design of their website.

The statistics above demonstrate the importance of having a well-designed website design, particularly in terms of loading speeds.

Elements Of Bad Website Design

However, there are other aspects to take into consideration like:

Poor site navigation

Separate websites

Poorly implemented plugins and third-party tools

Poorly executed images

Not Updated

Broken functionality

A higher bounce rate

Poor compatibility


Animations that aren’t good

1. Poor navigation on websites A factor which can hinder conversions. Simply put, frustrated and disoriented customers won’t purchase.

Broken links, complicated forms, inaccessible telephone numbers, or too many options for navigation will turn away your customers since it’s not user-friendly.

Also, it’s unlikely visitors will return to your website.

If your rival offers the same service and you lose, it is their gain.

2. Different websites: It’s much easier to build two cheap websites one for mobile and another for desktop.

This isn’t the best choice because it’s unfavorable for customers.

Furthermore, mobile-only sites are not equipped with the navigation features that are available on desktop sites.

3. Incorrectly implemented plugins and tools: Third-party plugins and tools are required for any website to perform.

However, if they’re not properly integrated the website may slow down.

4. Poorly designed images Based on a study by Adobe around 40% of people quit a website if the images aren’t loading fast enough.

5. Websites that aren’t updated: A site that’s not up-to-date harms SEO but it can also make your people think that you’re out of contact.

6. Broken functionality: Ineffective images and animations are another indicator of bad web design.

For example, a lot of users will click on your company’s logo hoping that it will take them to your website.

If not then they could think that the link is not working.

7. A higher bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who leave your website after first accessing your home page.

8. Incompatible: You could have an outdated and outdated template that’s not compatible with smartphones.

This is particularly the case in the more modern models along with other kinds of browsing.

9. Clutter: A messy page is bad for web design as it is against rules of the gold standard: white spaces.

White space is vital to keep people’s attention. Our brains are drawn to be in order and simple.

A lot of content can increase the bounce rate.

The only thing you need for your homepage is a succinct value proposition and a striking photo and an appealing call to for action.

In essence, you should present the most relevant information in a way that is attractive.

Websites that are crowded look less trustworthy and do not provide a positive user experience.

10. Animations that are not well-crafted can help your website appear professional, if done correctly.

If they are not done correctly If they are not done correctly, they could be perceived as unprofessional and make it difficult for visitors to navigate your website. Large animations can cause a slowdown on your website.

These 10 aspects are extremely difficult for business owners who are new to master on their own. The learning curve can be steep.


Professional websites have advantages over templates in all aspects other than the cost of a short-term service.

If are serious about future potential of your company it is recommended to invest in a professional web design.

Professionally designed websites look more professional, work better, and are more convenient for small-sized business owners to manage.

And unfortunately, a cheap pre-made template looks like a cheap Buy Twitter Followers UK premade template. There is also little scope for improvement.

Professional web design is filled with nuance and demands a lot of technical expertise. However, the impact it can have on the digital marketing industry is priceless.


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