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Smart Homes – A Beginners Guide


Among the many modern technologies being introduced every day in and out, smart homes technology has got to be the most rapidly growing one.

Home automation is a growing trend all around the world. That said, you need to be connected to a reliable internet source, such as the one offered in the Spectrum Gold packages. This is simply because smart devices rely on the internet.

When it comes to building a smart home, it can be overwhelming to find the right type of device for your home. This is because of the various smart home devices available on the market today, ranging from the cheapest to the most expensive options.

So, we understand your dilemma. This is why we have decided to compile a list of all the best smart home devices for your smart home. From lighting to security, heating, and more, we have got you all covered.

We have also shared details about a great Wi-Fi router that will provide your smart home with the right bandwidth to help run your smart home efficiently. So, without further ado, let’s dig right in!

Choose a Voice Assistant

First and foremost, you must choose a voice assistant. The most common and popular voice assistants are Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Apple Siri.

A voice assistant is the core of your smart home ecosystem. When you start buying smart home devices, you must check the back of their packaging to know which voice assistants they are compatible with.

You can always do more thorough research on each voice assistant and the smart home device you plan on purchasing. Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are by far the most compatible with every other smart home device.

Therefore, before buying any smart home device, ensure that you have chosen a voice assistant that you are most comfortable with.

3 Must-Have Smart Home Devices

Here are the 3 must-have smart home devices when considering building a smart home:

Smart Speaker

A smart speaker is perhaps the best way into home automation. You can interconnect your smart home devices with a smart speaker, and control all of them through one hub, using voice commands.

That said, it’s important to ensure that your smart home devices are compatible with the voice assistant your smart speaker has. You can easily control your home lights, temperature, door locks, doorbell, and more just by sitting on your couch.

Once again, you need to further ensure that your smart speaker is connected to reliable internet so that your smart home functions smoothly. If you like cable TV, you can also change channels through your smart speaker.

You can always consider Spectrum Bundles if you are looking for a reliable home internet and cable TV connection.

Here’s what you can consider pairing your smart speaker with:

Smart Light Bulb

Smart light bulbs are one of the easiest and cheapest ways to start automating your home. You can connect your smart light bulb to your smart speaker, and control them through that. There are various types of smart lights in the market, some can even dim or brighten themselves based on the surrounding’s requirements.

These advanced light bulbs are the perfect smart device for people who have the horrible habit of forgetting to turn off their lights. If you are home, you can switch them off through voice command. Otherwise, you can do so from the smartphone app that can be used even when you are away from home.

Moreover, you can also create a specific ambiance for a dinner party by buying smart light bulbs that can change their colors. These lights are also cost and energy-efficient. You can further pair them with other smart gadgets to create a more synchronized network.

Here’s what you can consider pairing your smart light bulb with:

Smart Thermostat

Last, but not least, smart thermostats can bring more convenience and ease into your life. Smart thermostats are the most energy-efficient smart device in comparison to others.

Similarly, you can control the temperature of your home through the smart speaker by interconnecting your smart thermostat with it. Want to know another amazing thing about a smart thermostat?

Well, most smart thermostats today have a remote access feature. In other words, you can easily access your thermostats even if you are not physically near them. Moreover, this smart device’s learning algorithm gives it the ability to learn your schedule and temperature preferences.

It also suggests energy-efficient settings, which will help conserve energy. Also, you can get energy reports directly to your mobile phone, and know what part of your home consumes the most amount of energy.

Here’s what you can pair your smart thermostat with:

On a Final Note

Well, there you go!

Smart home technology is meant to make lives smarter convenient and easier. However, it’s important to know how to go about it. There’s no point in investing in so many smart home devices without having a concrete plan for your smart home.

It’s important to choose a voice assistant first, followed by a few smart home devices. As mentioned above, a smart speaker, smart light bulb, and smart thermostats are the wisest and most affordable smart home devices to consider when building a smart home.

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