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Ten insurance companies offering Vision insurance

Ten insurance companies offering Vision insurance
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Ten insurance companies offering Vision insurance

  1. VSP Direct: VSP Direct is accepted by over 36,000 vision care providers and is available through employer benefit packages or by purchasing an individual vision insurance policy. The standard scope includes a comprehensive plan for more eye care needs, such as an annual eye examination and selecting new contact lenses or prescription glasses every 12 months. VSP Direct also offers an add-on to LASIK procedures.
  2. EyeBenefits: EyeBenefits is a different type of vision insurance with an annual fee, not the monthly premium you must pay. There is no limit to the number of times you use the insurance in a year. The company will pay a percentage of routine eye care and procedures costs. You can buy protection for one to three years. Membership gives you a discount of up to 20 percent on eyeglass testing and 30 percent on contact lens testing. The value available depends on the provider you use. Depending on the provider, the LASIK discount can be as high as 50 percent. The EyeBenefit network has over 12,000 locations, including popular sites such as LensCrafters, VisionWorks, and more. One downside is that there is no discount for non-network providers.
  3. America’s┬áVision Plan: The Vision Plan of America offers flat-rate insurance instead of paying a percentage of vision care fees. The company is based in California and has been operating since 1986. It provides additional lens options when buying glasses, costing $ 190 to purchase progressive lenses. The prices are reasonable; however, you can only choose one doctor with this plan.
  4. Humana: Humana offers benefits at a flat rate. Premium rates are comparable to other top-tier insurers and are charged monthly to policyholders. Discount glasses are available to Humana policyholders through FramesDirect.com. Low rates for eye exams, annual frame replacements, low premiums, and copay amounts make Humana a great option to consider when selecting your eyesight insurance policy. The Humana Vision Focus plan charges a one-time registration fee.
  5. Aflac: Aflac is a well-known provider of supplemental insurance plans and offers vision insurance through an employer plan or by purchasing an individual insurance policy. Aflac will pay you an annual cash payment for your eyesight tests. The benefits are paid directly to the policyholder. The benefits, limitations, and exclusions vary by state, but on average, Aflac will pay $ 45 for eye examinations and $ 175 for new glasses.
  6. UnitedHealthcare: UnitedHealthcare’s Vision Insurance is guaranteed by Golden Rule Insurance Company. There are no waiting periods, and protection is available for all ages. You can save if you use one of your preferred providers, but coverage is also available when using a third-party eye care provider. The co-payment for the eye examination is $ 10, and discounts are available on laser eye surgery. Vision coverage is available under the dental plan, but in some states, standalone vision coverage is available.
  7. Aetna: Aetna offers vision insurance nationwide through a network of thousands of independent agents. It is the preferred provider of vision insurance for federal employees. Plan features and availability vary by state. Aetna policyholders get additional savings by staying online on visual care services, including retinal imaging discounts, LASIK eye surgery discount, 40% discount on the second pair of glasses, and other exclusive discounts and coupons available only to Aetna members.
  8. Blue Cross: Blue Cross offers a vision plan with EyeMed Vision Care. Members can access over 18,000 vendors at 10,000 locations, including optometrists, ophthalmologists, and optometrists. Discounts through EyeMed Vision Care are attractive and can be as high as 50 percent on glasses and eye care services. Laser surgery is also available at a value. Members can get a replacement contact lens via mail.
  9. Davis Vision: Davis Vision specializes in eye care and has several vision plan options to suit your lifestyle and vision care needs. Transitions Signature Lenses are available exclusively to Davis Vision members for a $ 65 surcharge. As part of one of the vision plans available, you can access annual eye examinations, eyeglasses, eye health and health management, and safety eyewear programs. The Affinity rebate program offers substantial discounts plus research and glasses.
  10. Ameritas: Offer vision insurance through employers’ plans or as an individual vision insurance policy and offer network access for the top two vision providers; VSP and EyeMed. The 20/20 Plus program for individuals and families allows you to choose your supplier but offers savings on the purchase of frames and lenses from Walmart Vision Centers nationwide. There are no deductions or waiting periods, and he pays $ 40 for the annual exam.


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