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The Best Historical Spots to Visit in Baltimore Year-Round

Baltimore Year-Round

History is one of the most important parts of any city, and Baltimore has more history in it than most!  Whether you’re looking for a warm tour in the middle of winter or you’re interested in learning everything you can about an area, there’s a lot to take in while in Baltimore.

These are the best historical spots to visit while you’re in the city, and what makes its history so important? 


In the spring, as the snow melts away, it’s a good idea to stop and check out a warmer piece of history.  The B&O Railroad Museum is an awesome institution with locomotive exhibits and train rides that are both inside and outside.  This means you can plan your trip according to the weather, so you don’t have to worry about whether it’ll be too cold or hot outside.  

This area is surrounded by beautiful greenery, which is even more luscious and fantastic in the spring!  This is one of the highest-rated stops in the city.


In summer, take a moment to stop by the Maryland Zoo!  Close to its 150th anniversary, The Maryland Zoo is home to over 1,500 animals and brings in millions of visitors every year.  This primarily-outdoor zoo allows you to watch things like bears happily munching away on watermelon or penguins showing off their amazing diving and swimming skills.

This museum has a large amount of information on why conservation is so important and walks visitors through how vital it is that we take our time to care for what animals are on this Earth with us.  


The fall is beautiful in Baltimore, and it’s time to explore a huge exterior space without worrying about too much heat or cold.  The Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine is a massive fort that has a lot of information on the history of this nation and of the many wars that have been battled in the name of keeping citizens safe.

Although you can’t explore the entire grounds, there’s still a lot to see and do when you visit!  Just remember this is also a memorial, so don’t have too much fun! 


When you’re ready for a warm break after a long day of looking at houses for rent in Baltimore, you want a cozy museum!  In the winter, it’s time to explore the Baltimore Museum of Art.  This massive museum has a huge collection of art spanning all over history and offers insight into how citizens have changed how they express themselves.

This is an incredible way to feel more connected to other people and explore the history of what fears or worries were on people’s minds or what they decided to celebrate.  Every visit will pull your attention to a different piece of art, and you’ll want to come back time and time again.

Vacation Shouldn’t Be Limited to a Season

Vacations are almost always in the summer, but there’s so much more year left after that!  Consider exploring some of these historical spots year-round!

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