Home Business The Latest Cereal Packaging Trend That Keeps Cereals Fresh And Crispy

The Latest Cereal Packaging Trend That Keeps Cereals Fresh And Crispy

The Latest Cereal Packaging Trend That Keeps Cereals Fresh And Crispy

The food industry not only relies on the freshness and taste of the food but also, it’s smart packaging. It is a common phenomenon if we don’t keep the food in an airtight container or proper box than the humidity and other environmental factors can lose the freshness and original taste of the food. This can be observed with snacks and cereals. Therefore, it is very important to use the proper packaging stuff that helps in maintaining the crisp of the healthy breakfast snacks. Some other key benefits associated with proper cereal packaging are

  • Maintain the original taste of the snacks
  • You will open the cereal with its original freshness
  • Improve marketing of cereal brand
  • Stand out boxes help to grab the attention of the consumers.

Packaging helps in improving the marketing of the product/ the cereal box companies are using the following techniques and method in order to maintain the freshness of the product. Along with they improve the sale of their product through the latest packaging trends. The techniques that are applied to the cereal boxes are

Use of secondary packaging material

Previously the cereals were packed directly in the cereal box. But the trend has been changed from some years. The companies use the two packaging layers. The cereals are first packed in the plastic or aluminum foil bag. While packing the companies maintain the humidity and air inside the package. This will prevent the cereals from wilting or losing their freshness. The special grade plastic or aluminum foil is used for this purpose. Some companies use the custom cereal packaging bags that is print the name of the company or logo on these bags.

Use of the eye tracking technology

This technique is widely used in the printed cereal boxes. The main purpose is to attract the customer. Mainly we find the picture of any character or cartoon on the box. The eyes are made in such a way that it feels the character is continuously steering us. This is the best way to grab the attention of consumers. The cereal packaging companies mainly use this technique for the cereal boxes specially made for the kids. Children when seeing their favorite character on the box want to buy the product that in return provide benefit to the company.

Addition of small gift or game

One of the latest trends the packaging companies are following related to the cereal packing is the addition of some small gift like a sticker, small character card or any key chain. Along with on the Custom printed cereal Packaging the company writes in a big font a word “free” when children read the free option they want to buy the product immediately. In a similar way to make the cereal boxes entertaining the companies add some puzzle game or the character to which the kid has to color. These are some of the attractive features that we find on the boxes. This is the strategy of the company to grab the attention of the consumer. In this way, the buyer buys the product that gives benefits to the company.

Use of the stylish boxes

Although the cereals are packed in the traditional stand out boxes with the tuck top opening some companies use the stylish printed cereal box. These boxes although are rectangular in shape but the printing technique is latest. The addition of the 3D graphics image or the blend of multiple colors makes the box fascinating for the viewers.

Eco-friendly box packaging

Most companies are using the eco-friendly cardboard packaging for many years but now almost all companies are using the eco-friendly recyclable cardboard boxes. The famous company Kellogg’s that as packing snacks like chips in the metal box has now changed the mode of packaging. The company now use the eco-friendly packaging boxes in order to preserve snacks. The use of eco-friendly boxes has become the need of the hour. Due to the increase in pollution, the companies are trying to use biodegradable stuff. even they are using a recyclable plastic bag as the primary layer to pack the cereals.

Unique printing designs

Use of hand-drawn art, pastel pallets, white with other color combination are some of the latest trends the cereal packaging companies are using these days. The main purpose is to seek the attention of the consumer. It is common observation when we are wandering around the rack in the grocery store if we see any unique packaging, we immediately want to buy it. The companies are using the latest color themes and font styles in order to attract the consumer towards inspiring cereal packaging.

Boxes with proper instructions

It is the key element of any food packaging material. The companies add expiry. Storage detail and the use of the cereal in order to avoid any health issue with the consumer. It is important for companies to follow the labeling rules. Therefore, the cereal boxes contain all important instructions, guidelines, and information that can help the buyer to use product confidently without getting any health issues. It is important to add energy precautions so that kids having allergy issue with oats or wheat avoid taking such cereals.

The companies are trying to bring innovation in their boxes. They not only focus on the design but also keep the packaging cost effective. Therefore, they use the Wholesale cereal Packaging that is cost effective. The key benefit of buying the Wholesale printed cereal boxes is that they save their traveling expense as well as the time.


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