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The Ultimate Post – Covid’s Kashmir Travel Guide

The Ultimate Post – Covid’s Kashmir Travel Guide


Kashmir, India’s northernmost province, is its name. It is a hilly region in the northern Himalayas that boasts clear valleys, crystal-clear lakes and snow-covered views, all enclosed by sanctuaries. It was managed effectively, and the tourism industry is now getting back in the game. The region attracts adventurers. People who wish to see holy sanctuaries or enjoy the Himalayan culture. Kashmir trips are a great option if you’re looking for an air-conditioned trip that offers a refreshing experience and is less crowded. This will be one the most beautiful and affordable trips. This article will give you a quick idea of the cost for the Kashmir trip.

Kashmir tour Package

If you plan with your family, a Kashmir trip is the best. It is more expensive per person than a couple or family trip. A multi-week trip to Jammu & Kashmir costs an average of Rs13,800 per person. An excursion to Jammu & Kashmir for two is Rs22,000 in Kashmir. Your daily spending will decrease if you travel for a longer time. A group of people who travel for a month or more in Jammu & Kashmir may have a lower daily spending plan than if they are travelling alone for several weeks.

Below are the places in Kashmir and the required budget for the trip

1. Pahalgamram Valley and Srinagar – Duration INR 6500

2. Holiday Package – Duration INR 10,500

3. Vaishno Devi & Kashmir Tour – Duration: 8 Days, INR 17,000

4. Houseboat trip – Duration: 4 days, INR 7,800

You can visit beautiful places during your trip

1. Dal lake

Surrounding the lake are magnificent mountains on three sides. The Himalayan Lake is composed of five bowls and several channels. They are all very connected. The beauty of Dal Lake is enhanced by the blooming Mughal nurseries on its banks and the plantations there. These magnificent nurseries and yards were built in the 16th and 17th centuries. Yet, the travel industry division has maintained the same magnificence.

There are lotsus, water chestnuts, and lilies that make up the vegetation around the lake. On a boat ride around Dal Lake, you might also see birds such as kingfishers or herons. If you visit the Dal Lake in the summer, it could be laden with lotuses. In winter, the lake could be frozen and covered in snow.

2. Srinagar

You might not realize how important this visit is. Although Srinagar is a city in its own right, it doesn’t have many interesting spots. However, there are some charming nurseries that date back to the Mughal era, which are worth a visit.

3. Gulmarg

Gulmarg, a popular Jammu and Kashmir slope station that used to be called Gauri Marg, is now known as Gulmarg. This is a very popular tourist destination, especially in winter. It is well-known for its vast knolls and rich green valleys. Holidify offers a variety of Gulmarg tour bundles at affordable rates that are suitable for all tourists. The cost is between 11k and 15k INR.

Gulmarg is synonymous with skiing due to its snow-shrouded terrain. The annual Gulmarg Winter Festival is where you can participate in sledding and ice skating as well as snowboarding. Gulmarg’s peaceful lakes and streams are a major attraction for tourists looking to plan their wedding. They are surrounded by seven springs and forcing mountains that offer views of the green valley.

4. Sonamarg

Sonamarg is the hub for the journeying routes that lead to the mountain lakes Gangabal and Vishansar. The Thajiwas range divides the Sonamarg Valley into equal parts – the Thajiwas prod, which is famous for its campground, is on the one side. On the opposite side, you will find a few stunning cascades as well as the Thajiwas glacier mass. This spot is a great place to be captivated.

The best month for the tour

October is the best month to travel. October is the best month to visit Kashmir, when the blooms are at their peak and the snow-capped knolls are greenest. It can be a little crowded in this month. The best month to avoid hurrying is March-October.

Because of its natural beauty and exposure, the place is known as “Heaven on Earth”. It’s a perfect spot for a honeymoon or solo trip. you can also visit in summer and winter season. it is very beautiful place for honeymoon.


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