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The Untold Reality Of The Publishing Industry


In the United States of America, the desire to become a well-known author is growing. Not all authors, however, are successful in their journey. Also, book publishing services are supporting in the growth of this business by providing book self-publishing services on major platforms such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Lulu, and others.

According to a new poll, more than 70% of Americans desire to write a book. This startling result is confusing considering the estimates that just 57% of Americans had read at least one book in the previous year!

So, what is it about writing that makes even non-readers desire to do it?

It might be a desire for fame and money. Perhaps it’s the desire to be respected by others or it’s the goal of leaving a lasting legacy, a permanent record of a life lived.

Whatever the cause, those who do finish a manuscript have a minimal to none chance of getting it published by a traditional book publisher. As a result, many choose to self-publish with the help of book publishing company in order to make a status for themselves in the literary world.

According to a research, only 64,000 publishers exist for the projected two million manuscripts that authors finish, and only a handful of those publishers actively look for new manuscripts. Doesn’t it ring a bell in your mind? You might be thinking that what happens with the rest? Which publishing path do they pursue? So, continue reading.

So, What Are The Alternatives For The Millions Of Aspiring Authors?

The first step would be to guarantee that their writings are of the highest quality possible. This is normally performed by having a book writing or when a well-read and literate colleague rewrite, revise, and proofread the manuscript.

Still, the majority of those two million novels will be rejected by traditional publishers. Of course, authors that make the cut aren’t always the greatest. But rather those who can most successfully sell themselves and their story.

Following commercial rejections, some authors will become victims of vanity publishers, who prey on writers’ ambitions and goals in order to collect an expensive charge to publish their work. Authors should consider publishing with companies like Amazon, Barnes & Noble or should go for self-publishing. Their novels will almost certainly never be widely distributed, but their losses will be minor.

Lastly, a small number of people decide to become publishers, even if it is merely to self-publish their own books. This method will provide many challenges and a lot of work for these self-publishers. To get over these major roadblocks, authors frequently work with book publishers to perform all of the jobs for them in exchange for a reasonable charge. The challenge and satisfaction of having complete control over one’s success or failure is a profound emotion.

Which Publishing Path Should You Consider?

There is an age-old dispute about whether utilizing a publishing house or self-publishing your own book is preferable. You understand your circumstances and what will work best for you. You should think about how much time and money you have to devote to the project. That should help you decide which path to choose. Using a publisher will save you time, but you will lose out on some earnings. If you self-publish, even with a book publishing service. You will have to pay upfront and put in the first effort to have your book noticed.


So, to sum it up, if you are preparing to start a new novel. Learn everything you can about the business, including fraud and potential hazards. Moreover, you need to decide whether you possess the required abilities to write and publish a book either through a traditional publisher or publishing yourself. More importantly, learn to promote yourself effectively because this will determine your success or failure more than any other talent.


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