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Ticketing System Guide

Ticketing System Guide

Ticketing System Guide

IT Ticketing System Features: What to Look For

When shopping for a helpdesk ticketing system, keep your customers’ demands in mind and your agents’ workflow. Because not all systems provide the entire set of functions, you may have to use various tools to accomplish the necessary outcomes. One of the best ticketing systems is the osticket ticketing system.


When selecting service tickets software, you should think about scalability.

For example, will this work when your firm expands?

Some of the most important scalability challenges include the greatest number of users, data storage capacity, and the lot of teams and clients that can be managed on the same platform. Also, take note of how the pricing varies as your team expands.


Last but not least, you must consider rules and standards. For example, a HIPAA-compliant help desk is required if you work for a healthcare firm. Likewise, you’ll need an ITIL-compliant support desk solution if your firm must comply with ITIL.

So, please note any norms and laws that your firm must follow and include them in your IT ticketing system checklist.

Let’s go over some recommended practices before diving into the top ticketing systems on the market.

Helpdesk Ticket System Best Practices

Best Helpdesk Ticketing Systems

It’s time to have a look at the top helpdesk ticketing systems!


Spiceworks is a free service and ticketing system that may be completely customised. So, Spiceworks includes on-premise and cloud versions and Android and iOS mobile apps. Spiceworks is a vast and popular community for sysadmins, network engineers, and other IT professionals who wish to interact with colleagues and exchange experiences.

Spiceworks at a glance:


HubSpot’s Help Desk capabilities enable you to log, categorise, and track customer support requests. You can do this all from a single dashboard accessible to your whole team. Reps can monitor every ticket conversation and track the case’s progress throughout the troubleshooting process. Tickets are also connected to client data, making it easy for customer support representatives to refer to previous interactions with the organisation. When a consumer fills out a form, sends an email, or contacts HubSpot via live chat, HubSpot will immediately issue a ticket.

In addition, HubSpot provides ticket statistics that customer service managers may use to track the success of their staff. This data includes critical indicators. Those indicators include agent response time, ticket volume, and others. So, they show whether a team fulfils customer demand.

HubSpot Help Desk & IT Ticketing in short:

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