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Top 3 Sustainability Initiatives to Make Your Cosmetics Brand Sustainable

Top 3 Sustainability Initiatives to Make Your Cosmetics Brand Sustainable

Cosmetics are an integral part of our daily lives. They help us feel beautiful, confident, and ready to take on the world. However, cosmetics can also have a negative impact on our environment if they’re not made with sustainability in mind.

Many cosmetics brands do not consider sustainability as a major factor when creating their products, leading to pollution in waterways and oceans due to toxic chemicals that go down drains and end up there or because of packaging materials that cannot be recycled like plastic containers or glass bottles.

The good news is that eco-friendly cosmetics packaging initiatives are popping up all over the place so we can start making sustainable cosmetics choices for ourselves! People are more conscious about nature-friendly and biodegradable materials; that’s why they continuously search for wholesale cosmetic packaging boxes to replace non-eco-friendly packaging for their cosmetic business.

Benefits of eco-friendly cosmetics packaging

In the cosmetics industry, sustainability is not just about saving the environment. It also increases customer loyalty and satisfaction because consumers want to purchase environmentally responsible products. The best part is that there are many benefits of having eco-friendly cosmetics packaging, which will make your cosmetics sustainable in 2018!

Some advantages include increased sales due to more customers buying green beauty items or even changing their habits for purchasing cosmetics with better renewable resources such as hemp and cork, lower production costs through using biodegradable materials like bamboo, less waste by using reusable containers made from bio-fabricated plastics or glass bottles instead of plastic ones since you won’t be throwing them away after one use anymore, decreased shipping cost is also a great advantage of this packaging.

Why is Sustainability Important for a Brand?

The sustainability of a product is fundamental to raise a brand to its peak. The cosmetics industry has a huge impact on the environment, and it’s essential to make sure that we are doing right by our planet.

Did you know that the latest studies have shown consumers are more willing to buy from brands with sustainable packaging? The study found 62% of people would rather go for eco-friendly products. In fact, McKinsey has ranked this as one of the essential green premiums!

Brands are pretty conscious about their reputation like previously, many products came in plastic boxes, but you can see beautiful biodegradable boxes, and businesses are looking for eyelash boxes wholesale to fulfill their requirements.

Establishing green manufacturing practices

The manufacture of cosmetics often results in waste products that can’t be recycled or reused because they’re too toxic or expensive. However, eco-friendly cosmetics brands have taken steps towards sustainability by researching how to eliminate these wastes with better recycling processes such as reusing packaging materials for new cosmetics orders when possible, replacing chemicals with natural ingredients where feasible, using biodegradable raw materials like bamboo instead of petroleum-based plastics, etc.

Eliminating wasteful distribution methods

It is estimated that up to 60% of all cosmetics end up in landfills due to excessive packaging and improper disposal methods.

While cosmetics companies are required to reduce packaging waste by volume, it is often difficult for them to know where their products end up once they have been purchased. Eco-friendly cosmetics brands attempt to help consumers understand what they can do with their cosmetics at the point of sale in order to make sure that harmful chemicals don’t contaminate our ecosystem and those excess plastics are reused or recycled instead of ending up in landfills.

Limiting the use of natural resources like water

Water consumption is a big concern when manufacturing cosmetics because large quantities need to be used during production processes – such as removing oil from raw materials with alcohols before mixing them together, washing away impurities, adding preservatives, etc. As a result, the eco-friendliest companies lessen the use of cosmetics with high water content (such as make-up removers) or use only water-soluble cosmetics.

Water is a precious resource, and it is crucial to preserve this valuable, natural resource by using less of it in cosmetics production processes where possible – such as limiting the amount that’s used during rinse cycles for disposables like brushes that are made from plastic.

Three Initiatives to Improve Brand Image

Provide refill services for your products

Cosmetics brands are finding it difficult to promote sustainable packaging. Most of the time, product containers for liquids such as skincare lotion can’t be used more than once before they become water-logged or leaky, which is why many companies have started a “refill service.” By doing this, consumers will keep buying products in bulk and continuously reuse their favorite container rather than opting for cheap plastic that might not last very long.

Offering to do a refill provides your brand with an opportunity for sustainable cosmetics packaging design. You’re cutting down on carbon footprint and plastic pollution! Using recycled plastics will be even better.

Lower down wastable items from the packaging

To stay competitive in the beauty industry, the packaging is a must. This design element can be used to entice customers and show off your brand’s luxury items or new product offerings. Multi-layered designs have always been key for high-end brands because they visually appeal and signify quality that will make them want to buy it over other products on the shelf!

If you want to make your cosmetics last longer, then it’s best not to use too much packaging. Packing unused space with extra boxes or layers of cardboard and cellophane can lead the product inside damaged sooner than necessary. There is less air circulation in these spaces where nothing has been packed for protection.

Try innovative packaging

Solutions that allow for multi-use. For example, cosmetics packaging boxes with dividers can be used to store and display cosmetics in an organized way.

This will not only save on unnecessary costs of purchasing more cardboard boxes when you need a new storage solution, but it will also ensure your cosmetics stay neatly organized, so they don’t get tipped over or damaged from being tossed around!


If you want to be a sustainable cosmetics brand, there are three key initiatives that we recommend:

  1. Make sure your products contain ingredients sourced from renewable and biodegradable resources.
  2. Choose to package made with recycled material or post-consumer content whenever possible.
  3. Use eco-friendly ink for printing on your boxes so they can be reused when customers run out of the product!

These tips should help you start thinking about how you might incorporate sustainability in your own cosmetic line; if not, contact professionals in this field and see what Custom Cosmetics Boxes wholesale rates are available for some new packaging options.


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