Home Business What is a Beauty Scheduler App: Top 7 features

What is a Beauty Scheduler App: Top 7 features

What is a Beauty Scheduler App: Top 7 features

The beauty business is getting stronger and is growing tremendously. The statistics speak for themselves! There will be an improvement in its market size that will exceed $69 million in 2016 and will touch $87 billion by 2023.  These figures are assuring the craze of customers towards these beauty Salons. Indeed, the rising demand also has given rise to overly saturated competition. Hence, providing customers with the best services is essential to be a part of a market with higher brand credibility. 

In the world of digitization, the Beauty Scheduler App is gaining momentum. Solely, it is streamlining the booking process and giving customers their cup of tea. Undeniably, it not only unlocks the strategies to increase the customer retention rate but also improves repeating business. Collectively, it is the right addition to your beauty business for connecting with customers and adopting productive yet valuable marketing strategies to advertise services and products. While looking for the application for your Salon, you might get confused with so many options available. We are making the task easy for you! Here in this article, we define the features that every Salon application must have!

Top Features of the Beauty Scheduler App

#1. Easy Appointment Management 

Now the world is digital, hence, the manual ways of managing the Salon need to be eliminated. Even, the customers require the easy and simple method to book their appointment with Salons. When you integrate the right Salon solution, the customer experience improves, and yes, booking in less time is probable. Impressively, scheduling appointments is a breeze now- anytime and any day. Because the applications have a flexible nature, therefore, it enables the customers to easily book with simple navigation and makes the process hassle-free. In addition to that, the system sends notifications for confirming appointments. From the studies, it is confirmed that short and precise emails and messages ease the burden and convert the customer’s experience satisfactorily. 

#2. Notification or Reminder System

What practices do you follow to confirm if the customers will visit your salon for the next appointment or not? Calling one by one? Don’t you find the task time-consuming and demanding more effort and irritating? Why don’t you choose the best Salon Appointment Booking Software? From the system, you can notify customers in the form of SMS or email to give them a reminder of their upcoming appointments. This way, the customers can free up their time and assure their visit with you. Or in any case, if their plans are dicy, you will get informed on time. Positively, it does not let you experience no-shows or last-minute cancellations. 

In addition to this, reminders can be sent on the pending payments to confirm regular cash flow. Notify about the new offers, daily deals, discounts, etc. so that benefits can be gained on time.

#3. Integrated Stock Management

From the Beauty Scheduler App, the Salon owners can keep track of their inventory. As in the beauty business, there are tons of costlier products, and advanced equipment. So, eyeing every single item is a complicated and annoying task. All it demands is a solution that makes the process effortless and transforms the task of Salon inventory seamless. However, the Salon businesses can analyze the stock constantly. The system automatically places the order when any of the products is out of stock or is available in less amount. However, the spa owner can add or remove any product from the warehouse as well. 

Moreover, it gives details and the price of every product. Accordingly, you can make an estimate on the amount you are spending on a monthly or daily basis. Certainly, no business person likes to experience worthless efforts on keeping the products that are of no use. So, keeping a tab on the products is even more important, so, keep yourself and staff members updated regarding the customer preferences and market demand. 

#4. Staff Management

When you are in a service-based business, it becomes essential to deal with staff members politely and give recognition to them. Collectively, it boosts their morale and they give the best services; hence boosting customer footfall at Salon. The solution lets you generate a balance between the staff and the business. Easily, their workload can be divided and the work can be assigned to those who fit rightly to the job. 

From the Beauty Scheduler App, the staff gets notified about their appointments. Similarly, salon owners can check the staff’s performance and give acknowledgment of their work. It keeps the staff motivated and they tend to give their best; however, ensuring the best customer experience. 

#5. Engaging Loyalty Programs

Loyalty cards are highly liked by every customer; of course, all like to get freebies. It is one of those features that encourages the customers to visit your Salon and purchase products from you. Using this feature, you can also offer mobile loyalty programs such as, getting hairstyling and blow-dry free with a haircut. Additionally, for improving the sales more, include at least six services with one; which allows the customers to get one free product.

From loyalty programs, giving customers compelling offers with an advantage for their revisit to your salon,  simple management of coupons, giving several advantages to customers to gain their loyalty. It is advisable to keep your Salon’s objective in mind before organizing the loyalty programs. 

We understand that you might have questions about if they will not revisit even after giving free services or free products. But, there is one thing that for regular customers, taking a toll is important. The best you can do is that offer both for long-term success and for strengthening their relationship with Salon. With some patience and time, your business definitely will gain benefits. 

#6. Salon Point of Sale (POS)

Make the process of knowing the customer’s ins and outs a smooth one. Let Beauty Salon Point of Sale be a helping hand for you. The system allows accessing the customer details in some clicks only in a matter of a few minutes only. The aim is to boost sales and accept payments without using any hardware. Moreover, the Beauty Scheduler App also keeps the tracking of the reward points, referrals, commissions, sales, etc. POS converts business and tax time into an easy job. 

From the database, the customer’s purchasing history can find out what can help in providing satisfactory future services. This Salon app feature will support the stylists in making the right decisions, and recommendations; hence, confirming higher sales. 

#7. Salon Business Reporting

Whichever Salon industry you are running, knowing from time to time how it is performing is vital. Here, the reporting feature comes into the picture. It showcases the performance and financial reports to confirm you are following the informed decisions. Payroll, sales, appointment status, customer retention rate and service providers, etc.- all can be simply checked from any device. Before securing your decision on which Beauty Salon App to choose, know if it includes the below reportings or not:

  • Total Sheet
  • Customers’ Report
  • Ticket Summary
  • Tickets Report
  • Employee Schedule
  • Sales Analysis
  • Inventory Value Report
  • Pre-booking Report
  • Future Recurring Membership Income
  • Canceled Appointments Report

Concluding Remarks

Choosing a Salon application for your business comes as an important first step toward its growth. Undoubtedly, it gives many benefits and best- you do not need to spend extra. Choosing an app for your Salon is difficult, so, remember the above features to make the right decision. Despite the business size you have, the strong features integrated into the solution make a big difference. 

Are you using an app for your salon? What features does it include? Are you satisfied with its functionality? Let us know!


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