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What Is The Damascus Hunting Knife?

What Is The Damascus Hunting Knife?
Damascus Hunting Knife

The simplest and most common definition of a Damascus hunting knife is a knife used by hunters to hunt, cut games, skin animal carcasses, prepare food, and clean fish. In addition, Damascus hunting knives will be needed for cutting branches, arranging stoves, making stakes, etc. A knife may be needed to defend oneself against a wounded beast.

As you can see, the Damascus hunting knife should do a lot of work and, if possible, combine the features of a tourist, a kitchen, and a partial combat knife.

What should be the hunting knife of Damascus: the opinion of experts

I’m sure there is not a single picture of a true Damascus hunting knife. Hunter knives and fisherman’s knives are not the same thing and do different things. Even a game hunting knife can be different from a pig hunting knife.

  • However, it is possible to set requirements that apply to all Damascus hunting knives:
  • Damascus hunting knife steel must be strong and flexible at the same time. Experts believe that the ideal knife should help the weight of the hunter.
  • Knives should not be dull for long periods, including doing substandard work.
  • The blade of the knife should be shaped to provide easy cutting with the possibility of stabbing.
  • Damascus hunting knives should not be small in size. However, the movement of the knife should not be restricted.
  • The knife should provide weight-bearing cuts, but at the same time, it should not be heavy.
  • The knife protector will not interfere, which will prevent the hand from being cut.
  • The handle of the knife should be resistant to bad weather conditions.
  • Knife attachments, such as saw teeth, are optional and not related.

Let’s consider all the points of general requirements and explain them in more detail.


Damascus hunting knife steel

In my opinion, knife steel is the most important thing. You can forgive a knife for an uncomfortable handle or a heavyweight, but you can’t forgive bad steel for a Damascus hunting knife. It is unlikely that you will experience positive emotions. If you first use a knife to hunt Damascus, it will break.

Damascus High carbon steel or alloy steel is used to make hunting knives

The unit of measurement HRC is used to indicate the hardness of the metal. HRC Rockwell is a unit of measurement of hardness by method and scale (these are two inventors, not relatives, Hugh and Stanley Rockwell, who filed a patent for their device, USA).

Damascus hunting knives and certification documents

It is worth noting that not all knife makers have hardness for steel. Moreover, such manufacturers are in the minority. Do not write the power of steel knives and certification documents. When buying a knife, it is best to look for a grade of steel. So, let’s look at them and remember the hardness of steel in the AISI system in terms of its grade.

  • Steel grade 65 × 13. Damascus stainless, hardness 56 ÷ 58 HRC. It doesn’t rust, it sharpens well, but it fades quickly.
  • 95 × 18. This steel is better. Hardness up to 59 HRC. The knife is flexible, durable, but poorly sharp. But don’t be fooled too long.
  • Steel x12 MF, hardness of 60–62 HRC. It is high-strength steel with good edge retention. However, in the difficult conditions of Damascus hunting, it can be dark and the knife needs constant care.
  • 110 × 18 mid. Another stainless steel of domestic production. Hardness 58-61 HRC is the only plus in this steel.
  • 9xC alloy cutter for tool making. Hardness 60-63 HRC
  • Alloy steel with XB5, chromium, and vanadium. Hard tool steel with hardness of 63-67HRC.
  • Damascus Steel This is modern steel. Hardness about 60 HRC. Damascus steel shortage, fear of water, they become rusty. The pattern on its surface.
  • Blat steel This multi-layered steel has a characteristic pattern on the surface. Hardness 62-64 HRC.

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