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What is the Difference Between A Traditional Credit Card And a Uni card?

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In today’s society, credit is still a taboo issue. Credit is still viewed as a nuisance in India, and paying high interest rates over a short period of time is not for everyone. As a result, the UNI card is introduced to the market, causing the existing credit card procedures to be disrupted. Despite being a credit card, the UNI card acts more like a buy now pay later BNPL card. Uniorbit Technologies, in collaboration with RBL Bank, Liquiloans, and the Mauritius State Bank, introduced the UNI cards. Customers may divide their invoices into three installments without incurring additional costs using this BNPL card, which is different from other standard cards.

You can make the payment of INR 30,000 over three months by paying INR 10,000 every month, interest-free. 

Features of the UNI card

There are over 100 credit cards to choose from. The UNI card, on the other hand, is unique in a number of respects and offers a variety of tempting features and perks. Some of these are mentioned below-

Requirements for obtaining a UNI card and the papers necessary

Each credit card has its own set of rules that must be followed. Before applying for a credit card, individuals must satisfy the requirements and have the relevant papers on hand. The following are the paperwork and requirements for obtaining a UNI card: –

Final Thoughts

A Uni card comes with a variety of benefits and functions. You can get those while doing your study. There are several cards similar to a Uni card, such as a slice card, that allow you to buy now and pay later. The main consideration for a borrower is whether they are eligible for a Buy Now Pay Later card and whether they have the minimum, check CIBIL score to apply for it. The requirements differ from one lender to the next. It is also contingent on the applicant. Determine your eligibility before submitting an application for the card. Also, whatever credit card is ideal for you is entirely up to you.

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