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Why Create A Great Unboxing Experience?

Opening presents on Christmas day is an experience we all remember. The thrill of not knowing what lies inside makes you want to savor every moment. Also, the presentation of consumer products in a wise and creative manner can be termed ‘unboxing.’ 

Previously a seasonal activity, unboxing has evolved into a powerful tool for e-commerce marketing. It has become so common now that online accounts look at packaging when reviewing their customers and investing in them.

What is the importance of the unboxing experience?

Would you feel more valued if you received your purchase in an attractive, bespoke box or a generic cardboard box? Although the products are identical, the views cannot differ anymore.

Unlike the latter, it is merely a ‘thing.’ In this case, the quality of the product reflects the brand itself; value, quality, and service. Repeat business is the result of this. 

Products and packaging that look good are naturally attracted to people. The impact of visual stimuli on our perceptions is the greatest of any sense.

Here are some benefits your brand can gain if you create a great unboxing experience

Tells the story of your brand

The unboxing experience is a brilliant way to express your brand, so don’t miss out. Your brand’s narrative comes to life through what you unbox, not just how it looks. Also, to convince customers why you are better than your competitors, you must establish a compelling narrative. 

The product or service isn’t as important as the emotion behind it. You won’t be interested or excited by simply listing your selling points. Why I should care about your brand is the brand narrative’s answer.

There are several elements that make up a great brand story:

Loyalty is the result of it

The success of an e-commerce business depends on customer loyalty. It is important to make a good impression on your last impression as well as your first impression. Delivery is essentially your brand’s last touch point with your customer. Make it count! It is much more profitable to build a lasting relationship with clients than to lose them again and again. 

It’s not just that a product or service is “good” that makes people loyal to a brand. Also, the retail market is becoming increasingly competitive, and there are dozens of brands doing the same thing you do. If you stand out from the crowd, you’ll be able to keep your customers coming back. 

If you don’t give your customers a unique experience, you won’t be able to profit from the excellent product you offer. In addition, it’s those little extra touches that put you head and shoulders above your competitors. An exceptional unboxing experience is like the cherry on top of an ice cream sundae.

Viral potential

Unboxing experiences can be expensive. Let’s face it. It can feel difficult to justify the cost of a package that is only likely to be seen by one person. If you could reach a virtually limitless audience, what would you do? A very real potential exists in Social Media. 

Unboxing and social media go hand in hand. Also, YouTube has become famous for its ‘Unboxing’ videos. Some special channels achieve millions of views. For brands to succeed, it taps into primal consumer desires.

It is possible to market your brand in a very friendly manner thanks to this feature. You can reach new markets and discover new audiences with an image or video of someone ‘unboxing’ your product.

Influencers love it

Marketing strategies rely increasingly on influencers. The traditional advertising industry is increasingly untrustworthy. When the influencer stands as an authority in a particular field, influencer marketing can be more effective, cheaper, and more targeted. 

You need to make a good impression because it’s effectively ‘word of mouth marketing.’ Influencers differ from celebrities who endorse products. Influencers appear to be ordinary people who are regarded as trustworthy by both their fans and businesses. 

Their belief in a product will make them unlikely to promote it. When you personalize their first experience with your product, you’ll win major points from the very beginning and build a lasting relationship with influencers.

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