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Organizations need to conduct stringent background checks when hiring employees. This ensures that the hiring firm does not suffer losses during the hiring process or lose any valuable time invested in a candidate. After completing the interview process and being chosen for a particular employment post, an applicant may have to wait for the company to send an offer letter. This is because the organization conducts employee background checks to ensure that the information provided by the candidate is genuine.

Background verification identifies if a candidate is suitable for the position. Conducting employee background checks by calling past employers and organizations to verify the information declared, is a challenging and time-consuming task. As a result, businesses should utilize employee background verification agencies in India to help the process run smoothly.

Need for Background verification

When a candidate is shortlisted, it is vital to verify whether or not the statements made by them are accurate. To ensure that candidates are not deceiving the recruiter about their skills and job experience, verification of their education, certifications, resume, previous experiences, and financial records is necessary. Many applicants exaggerate their employment experience on their resumes to increase their chances of being hired.

A company hires an employee to handle specific job responsibilities and expects them to contribute effectively to its growth. However, if a company hires someone who is inefficient, it may cost both time and money, and slow down other employees as well. This is why verifying an employee’s background is so important to hiring a qualified candidate.

Helps Organization to Stay Vigilant

Every time a company hires a new employee, the employee must submit their background verification documents. With so much competition for a single position in the job market, the organization must select the best and most appropriate candidate. This is where background screening comes in handy.

Companies can now verify employee records using digital copies of Aadhar cards, PAN cards, and other identifying data such as driver’s licenses, voter IDs, academic performance records, and court records. Companies must pay close attention to every aspect while sorting profiles and selecting the best candidate.

Lacking the time and resources to complete a background check thoroughly could be detrimental to the company and result in significant losses if a fraudulent employee is hired. As a result, a firm should choose employee background verification agencies in India to manage the procedure thoroughly, allowing the management to focus on other areas. Professional background verification experts understand how to conduct a thorough screening while adhering to all standards.

What Should be Included in the Background Verification Process?

There are different steps companies take to verify an employee’s background. A candidate’s history, credit score, criminal records, personal profile, and professional qualification are all reviewed by employment background verification agencies in India.

  1. Companies must verify the candidate’s claims about their background. There have been numerous instances where discrepancies have been found in resumes. If an inadequate candidate is hired, they may stifle the company’s growth. Applicants’ social media profiles are also evaluated for background verification. However, before a background check is conducted, an employee must be informed by the firm that a pre-employment check is required to continue the hiring process.
  2. As part of the screening process, several companies investigate candidates’ criminal records. Major and minor crimes are the two types of crimes. Companies must make apparent the company’s values and expected code of conduct. Any criminal record impacts the company’s overall productivity and reputation. Any record of theft or fraud must be thoroughly investigated, as it could impact customers, profits, etc. 
  3. Companies may also look into the employee’s credit score, depending on the industry they operate in. Wondering why? The credit score can be used to determine an applicant’s credit-to-debt ratio. Companies in the finance sector perform a credit score check to confirm that an applicant has no prior history of financial theft or fraud. To check an applicant’s credit score, companies must first get the applicant’s written consent. If the applicant is rejected on this basis, the company must provide solid grounds for their rejection.
  1. For some positions, professional licenses are required, and employee background verification agencies evaluate the license to ensure its authenticity. State licensing authorities are contacted to ensure that the licenses being considered are still valid. Doctors, lawyers, chartered accountants, contractors, drivers, architects, and other professionals require a license.

The Bottom Line

The most reliable way for job seekers to prove that the credentials they have provided are valid, is to understand exactly what documents they need to show to employers during a background check, and make sure they are in order. The specific information required for a background check for employment will vary depending on the needs of the firm and the duties of the function. Depending on the position individuals are applying for, some organizations may ask for additional information about the employment history.

As the number of candidates increases, comprehensive, quick, and result-driven background verification can assist businesses in selecting the best candidate and establishing a safe and responsive workplace. Modern IT firms are known for their data-driven environments, and any data leak could jeopardize their reputation. This is why it’s critical to work with a reputable employee background check business in India.

Repute uses blockchain technology to assist businesses in conducting employee background checks to ensure that the candidates they hire are eligible for the positions they have applied for. Thanks to Repute’s open talent network, employee background checks have become agile and accurate, assuring businesses that they have chosen the best candidates.

Do you have any other questions about employee background checks, or would you like to learn more about how our tech-driven background checks could help you?  Speak to our team now. 

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