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Why should there be Rules in a Halfway House in Hawaii?


You have probably seen fellow addicts searching online for “sober living near me”. That’s because any addiction treatment is an ongoing process; it doesn’t end with medical detox.

The first few weeks can be especially hard for addicts. In the absence of round-the-clock supervision, chances of relapse are also quite high. It is here that you can do some guidance and support.

How important are rules in a halfway house?

Sobriety is a lifelong journey where there will be victories and setbacks. But, it’s not one that you must do by yourself or without help. Halfway houses are there to help you in this journey.

These transitional living facilities are there to provide you with a structured and secure environment that can facilitate recovery. They will help you get a job and stay off drugs and alcohol. But, for any of this to work out, there must be proper rules in place.

Rules of a halfway house are what you must inquire about first before checking into one. Rules can vary from one house to another, but if there aren’t any, you should take it as a red flag.

You can enter and leave a halfway house anytime but you have to respect the curfew hours while you stay here. If you are made to stick to deadlines and punished for flouting these, you will automatically be deterred from going out at night. 

This is advantageous because you won’t have to bump into miscreants and drug abusers. When you are away from triggers, you are less likely to be tempted. This helps in your recovery.

Besides night curfews, you have to do specific chores while living in a halfway house. There is usually a list of things to be done, and this includes cleaning, cooking, etc. These rules are important as they teach you values like hard work, discipline, obedience, and commitment.

In a halfway house, you cannot do drugs. If you are caught possessing or dealing drugs, you will be asked to leave. The manager typically organizes routine drug and alcohol screening tests to make sure everyone inside the house is sober.

You are forbidden from taking or stealing property belonging to someone else. Neither can you engage in disputes and arguments with fellow residents? These rules ensure that the environment inside the house is one of peace and stability. Without an environment like this, you cannot expect to recover quickly.

Finally, whether you are in a halfway house in Hawaii or California, you must attend programs like the 12 Step program. This means being at AA and NA meetings near you when there are scheduled meetings. These sessions are important because they allow you to interact with fellow addicts who have battled drug addiction in the past. You can find a sponsor to reach out to when you feel tempted to indulge in drinks or drugs.

All these rules are n place for a specific reason. And that is to help you recover faster. If you find these missing in a facility, maybe you should check into another halfway home.


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